E-Max log

  1. E-Max log

    Hey guys...i just ordered E-Max yesterday and i will be starting my cycle whenever it arrives. hopefully this week. I weigh 204 and im 6'2. 22 yrs old. I have done promagnon 25 and anevol. anevol last august went up to 230 but then had a series of injuries and didnt do proper pct. ie couldnt get ahold of any serms. but now i can get whatever...from the endocrinologist cause i have mild gyno and he is willing to prescribe me meds. so i was wondering what to request...i think he is going to prescribe nolva but im not sure or letro. i was planning on running these like so...

    week 1-4: E-max 20mg ED
    maybe finish the bottle for two more weeks??
    so maybe weeks 5 and 6: emax 20mg ED
    week 7-11: nolva 40/30/30/20
    maybe longer...doc said up to 3 months..geez
    i will prolly just follow what the doc says but would doing the e-max affect what dosage i should consider.

    will also be taking: egg protein(my favorite)cause im lactose intolerant. glutamine and bcaa's and milk thistle and fish oils.
    I go to school...so eat at the caf ALOT..pretty clean most of the time.
    and i work at gnc so i eat alot of bars and **** cause their like 20 cents.

    i work out 5 days a week:
    mon: chest
    tues: back
    wed: arms
    thur: shoulders
    friday: mixture

    and i do 20 minutes of cardio before i work out 5 days a week.
    i would like to keep strength but lean out and get rid of these man boobies....hopefully 195 with a bump in strength. can get some strength gains at 20mg or is that too low? it doesnt really matter that much to me tho.

    im gonna run as is unless someone has any helpful advice.

  2. before pics dont LOL please


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