Halovar: Any good?

  1. Halovar: Any good?

    I've been using Halovar for the past month. Not seeing much in gains. Any advice. Also using glutamine, creatine and protein.

  2. STOP!! um seriously do you realise your taking a pro hormone? If you are then my bad but you haven't given us much details. Have you got a PCT planned out and how much longer are you gonig to be taking it??? Its a halodrol clone and shouldcertainly yeild some nice lean gains. What is your diet like and what kind of training do you do??

  3. Im 6' 180lbs, been taking in about 200 grams of protein, a few carbs and fat, moderate amount of fruits and veggies. Train 3 times a week, cardio twice a week. Brand new to this so advice is welcomed.

  4. Please use the search function and look for "H-drol" or Halodrol. If youve been on for four weeks then its time to stop. Did you know it was a prohormone? Go to the PCT forum on this site as well and check for suitable pct's for a halo cycle. My advice is to get yourself some Post Cycle Support from anabolic innovations and start taking that everyday at least. I'm guessing you do not have a SERM either?

  5. You guessed right. I jumped into this head first and now learning more about it. My bad!!! I appreciate your help. I will be looking for pct now.

  6. And to think I was convinced there were no un-informed people left . . .

    On a side note .. Back in the day (senior year of high school) I ran transdermal S1+ (ohhh yeah, baby !) and even THEN I knew to take a SERM for PCT. I remember getting my Nolva on my door (from a liquid research company), and when I read 'not for human consumption' I was just like, WTF ?! So I threw it away and did NO PCT !

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