Jix13's Havoc review

  1. Jix13's Havoc review

    I don't really have the time to run a full log between school, work, and lifting, but I wanted to give a quick review of my results so far. This is my first ever hormonal cycle, and yes I have support supps and PCT all lined up. Strict, clean bulking diet. My goals for this cycle are primarily strength and size. I was stuck at around 142lbs before the cycle, and I've always been a typical ectomorph/hardgainer.

    I'm exactly 1 week into the cycle and I have to say the results so far have been beyond my expectations. The day I started I weighed at 143lbs and today I was at 148lbs. This is the most I've ever weighed, and I'm just as lean, if not leaner than I was when I started. My diet or training hasn't changed one bit. I'm already noticing that a lot of my shirts are fitting more snugly around my chest, back, and shoulders (5lbs can make a difference when you're 5'7"). Strength is where I've really noticed a big difference. I've been able to push myself with an extra 10-20lbs on every lift with ease. I benched 275 tonight (Page Ranking) when 1 week ago I barely got 255 and couldn't get 265 off my chest. Leg press went from 500x5 on the last set to 540x6. Libido is also up.

    I originally planned on dosing 20/30/30/40, but since I'm seeing such good results at just 20mgs (probably b/c of my weight) I'll probably just do 20/20/30 and 30 or 40 on the last week depending on how I feel. If I can just get the same results over the whole next 3 weeks in the gym and on the scale/mirror as I have over just this first week, I'll be extremely pleased. I'll probably give another update at the end of each week.

    Edit: I forgot my own username... title should be Jix77's

  2. Other supps while on cycle:
    AI Cycle Support
    Fish Oil
    All the Whey blend

    Continue all that through PCT plus:

    I have Nolva on hand, but don't plan on using it unless I feel like I need to.

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