Ulra Peptide 2.0 Banana Cream

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    Ulra Peptide 2.0 Banana Cream

    I was lucky enough to post in time during the last give-away and I just received my new bottle of Ultra-Peptide. I have been purchasing Ultra-Peptide 1.0 for several years now and I love the chocolate and vanilla flavor. This was my first experience with 2.0.

    Taste: I am going to be honest, when I first opened the package I was a bit disappointed. I know what a jerk, complaining about free product, but Banana Cream was the only flavor I was hoping I would not receive. My god I have never been so pleased to be proven wrong. This was one of the most delicious flavors I have ever tried period. It taste exactly like the flavor described and reminds me of a ice cream treat I used to get from the ice cream man when I was a little kid. It was refreshing and sweet but not overbearing in flavor, just perfect. Customizer you outdid yourself with this one and I will definitely purchase this one again in the future. Such a great flavor.

    Perfect 10 - Quite possibly my favorite flavor of any protein shake I have even tasted.

    - You are going to need a shaker cup or a blender with this one. No clumping problems but Casein is just really thick and a spoon is not going to cut it.

    - Who cares.

    Ingredient Profile
    - A great blend of the two best protein sources available. XF only uses Micellar Casein (not this alpha and beta casein and casseinate crap you read on the back of muscle Milk and Syntha 6) A good blend of healthy fats and carbs and this is a winner.

    Profile - 10.

    Overall Value and thoughts - XF produces fantastic products and I have supported them for years and they continue that tradition with ultra-peptide 2.0. If anyone is purchasing Syntha 6 or Muscle Milk for taste or profile they need to reconsider and purchase this instead, it is superior in quality and the taste is just amazing. I have been won over with this flavor and I will definitely purchase many more tubs of this flavor in the future, a great change of pace from the standard chocolate, vanilla, strawberry.

    Overall - This product really could not be improved upon. Perfect 10.

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    Great review! I love all the ultra peptide variations i have tried. It is always such a tough decision to decide which flavors to get next but this sounds great.
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    I tried Ultra Peptide 2.0 Peanut Butter once. It was ok, not great. Too expensive for what you get, I'll never purchase it again.

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    too expensive for what you get? Its a great protein, maybe a little pricey but u get what you pay for
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    I've always been wanting to try this out but I don't have the money. I just get my ON whey and that's about all the supplement money I have.
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    Guys I figured i pass this along since its 2 DAYS only. (I hope mods don't get mad) Unreal price for UP2.0 on their site! Mix and match



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