Best Summer PH?

  1. Talking Best Summer PH?

    I'm looking for input on the best summer PH to run. I'm looking to lean out and not bloat up. I know there are a few of you running 3AD, but not sure if that's turning you into watermelons. Also not sure if it'll be retail-ready in the next 1-2 months.

    I'm doing the Drive/DCP/X-factor stack now and should be done w/that in about a month. Not that it really matters I guess.

    I will not do: Superdrol (or mimickers) or Halodrol (over that).

    I was thinking of Epistane. Or?

    5'8", 185lbs, ~11% bf, mesomorph, lifting 15 yrs.

    Have done: Superdrol, Halodrol (x2), and one other PH I can't recall.

  2. You said you wanted the best prohormones?

    And you wont do the two best superdrol/halodrol?
    Well actually these may not even be classified as
    prohormones if you really get down to it.

    A couple of options is maybe a product like Mega Trn/Mega Zol.
    Both great for cutting.

    All the other prohormones are alot weaker in my opinion.

  3. Might try Epistane and Halodrol - I'm leaning towards that in a few months.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80 View Post
    Might try Epistane and Halodrol - I'm leaning towards that in a few months.
    I have been thinking I'll do an Epistane cycle. I have Tormifene here so that'll kick a$$ for PCT (just part of PCT tho).

    If anyone has a killer Epi cycle they can send me (dosing for epi, support supps, PCT) that'd be great!

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