Gaining muscle, staying lean LOG

  1. Gaining muscle, staying lean LOG

    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6' 2"
    Weight: 170
    BF%: 9


    Day1: Back/Abs/Shoulders
    Day2: Legs/Arms
    Day3: Chest/Abs
    Day4: Rest
    Day5: Back/Abs/Shoulders
    Day6: Legs/Arms
    Day7: Chest/Abs
    Day8: Rest

    I usually run a mile or two as warm-up before lifting, 2x a week I run 3+ miles.


    Meal1: PreWO 50g whey, .75 cup oatmeal
    Meal2: PWO 50g whey, whole wheat bagel, banana
    Meal3: Fiber bar, apple, nuts
    Meal4: Chicken breast, 2 cup veggies, 2 cup rice/quinoa
    Meal5: Nuts, apple
    Meal6: Chicken breast, 2 cup veggies, 2 cup rice/quinoa
    Meal7: Cottage cheese (if hungry)

    On rest days my meal1 will be 4 egg whites, .5 cup oatmeal, random fruits, and instead of meal2 I will add 50g whey to meal3.


    Adam: 3 caps daily spread out with meal1, meal4, and meal6
    Fish Oil: 9 caps daily, 3 with meal1, meal4 and meal6.
    Ragnarok: 2 scoops PreWO or 1 scoop before meal1 on rest days.
    Anabolic Pump: One cap 20 minutes before meal1, meal2, and meal6. On rest days 20 minutes before meal1, meal4, and meal6.
    Leviathan Reloaded: 2 caps 30 minutes before meal1, and 30 minutes before meal4.
    Xtend: 4 scoops before/during workouts, 1 scoop PWO.
    Cordygen5: 3 caps daily with meal1.


    I want to maintain my leanness, possibly even go leaner, while increasing strength dramatically. I play competitive golf (playing D1 next year) so flexibility is a must! I stretch extensively daily and plan on working on my balance and golf related exercises on my rest days. I want to pack on 10 lbs. of muscle in 1 month.

    I'm setting the bar high to push myself, whether it is possible without steroids is irrelevant.

    My commitment and dedication to this regimen is, and will be, unwavering. Should be fun!

  2. This starts on Monday, April 7th and I will be posting at least once a night.

    Edit: Still have a nasty cold so I'm pushing it back to Tuesday or Wednesday depending on how I'm feeling.

  3. ten pounds? have you been away from the gym for a while? sorry, that just seems like a lofty goal for what you're taking...

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