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  1. proli going to save it for another cycle.

  2. day 7 off

    day 8, chest

    3 sets of pec deck to warm up

    superset dumbell flat bench (with heavy weight) with flat smith bench (light weight)
    did 5-6 heave db then went strait to smith to pound out as many as possible for 5 sets with 2 min rest inbetween.

    weighted dips
    4 sets of 10-12 with plate

    exercise ball pushups
    3 sets of 15

    weight- still sittin at 214 (didnt eat very well over the weekend)
    no noticable strength increase from last week

  3. day 9, back
    close reverse grip pull ups 5 sets of 8-10
    diamond close grip high pull downs, 4 sets of 10
    one arm seated cable rows 4 sets of 8-10
    wide lat pulldowns 4 sets of 10

  4. day 10, legs

    had a great work out. it seems that working out is the only this i can get motivated to do. lethargy is defiantly setting in. i just want to sleep and eat all day, until its time to go to the gym and then i tear the gym down haha.
    strength is through the roof. today when i was doing some leg press i had the sled loaded up and had to get my partner to sit on top. its funny when people stare at you in the gym.
    aggression- haven't had to much happen latly that would get me upset but i have noticed i am being a smart ass alot more than often, and iv also started to notice the ON feeling where you feel semi invincible haha (love it)

    sex drive has only been effected positively so far.

    didn't weigh myself today but i did notice this morning im looking a lil thicker and slightly losing definition in my abs

  5. sorry guys iv been pretty busy lately with school, training, and my clients.

    monday i got my test enanthate, and temptation was killin me SO!

    heres the new plan....

    i started the test monday, i will be running it at 500mg a week for 12 maybe 15 weeks. i will continue to run the phera to "jump/kick start" the test. i have discontinued the trena (saving it for another cycle later down the road)

    if there is any interest i will continue to log the new stack ... let me know

  6. the phera will only be run for 2 more weeks (at 30 mg every day)
    any suggestions are welcome

  7. Hell yeah log this biotch!!!!!!

  8. oky doky
    prepare to be amazed test turns me into a mass monster

    so here we go!

  9. i put the new stack/cycle in "cycle info" section it is "THE TESTOSTERONE CYCLE"

    test enan, sus 350, and test prop
    and throwin in some primobolan at the end


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