Scivation Vasocharge Review.

  1. Scivation Vasocharge Review.

    The good people at Scivation were nice enough to send me a tub of Refreshing Berry VasoCharge to try out. So i thought i would post my review.

    When i talked to Marc about Vasocharge i told him i was after a sort of "all in one" pre workout, Creatine/ba/Cm drink, that i could make a STAPLE. I am pleased to say this fit the bill perfectly. It will be a permanent staple of mine.

    Dosing- I does this at 2 scoops on an empty stomach prior to training. I only used it on workout days, 3 days a week. On non workout days i dosed 5g creatine mono, 5g beta alanine. At this dosing the tub lasted a while.

    Good clean energy. I didn't get quite the euphoric feeling that i get with pre-workout stims like RPM, but i got super clean energy, that lead to intense workouts.

    Not sure i can really give this a rating, but i can say i made constant progress in the gym.
    I normally don't make a big deal about "pumps", but i figured i would mention them. I responded very well to Vasocharge in that department. I normally don't get much NO effects from supps, but surprisingly got good solid pumps.

    Never had a dull workout, or felt fatigued.. Always powered through my workouts, and had gas left in the tank.

    Let me start off by saying I really don't like Berry flavored anything, but i must say i enjoyed the taste of this from the first sip. By the end of the tub, i was totally in love with it.. After my tub ran out i had to switch over to an old tub of Ragnarok Blue Raz, to use up, and it tasted awful in comparison. Vasocharge has no nasty aftertaste either.

    I am a big lemonade fan, so i cant wait to try that flavor next time.

    Mix ability -9/10
    Mixed very well in a shaker. No grit at the bottom. Another place where Ragnarok pales in comparison, there is always "sand" at the bottom of my shaker.

    Really enjoyed it. Nothing crazy, wont pack on 30lbs of lean mass in a weak. Just a solidly formulated product, that i can use as a staple pre workout drink. It is exactly what i was after.

  2. Lemonade is a great will be impressed.
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  3. blue berry eh ? nice. I've only used the lemonade before

  4. It isn't blue berry, it is "berry" Pretty damn tasty..

  5. For for a sic product. I recomend everyone try it once. Will NOT be disappointed.

  6. Nice review. Looks like a good product. Officially on my 'to try' list.

  7. VasoCharge/Primal NO2 are my favorite preworkout products of all time. I've tried them all, but nothing stacks up to this product.

  8. I used the samples that NP was nice enough to send me and I have to say that it is now my favorite PWO supp.

  9. All I used was one scoop pre-workout and I was jacked. Good stuff! Marc knows his $h!t

  10. Sick sale on this product for 14.99. Picked me up some.

  11. It was one of the few products that actually really surprised me, and i enjoyed. Such a simple product, but effective.

    I saw that 14.99 sale, i am going to have to grab a tub.


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