Nimbus Blast and Swell Reviews

  1. Nimbus Blast and Swell Reviews

    This is my first time trying their products, and want to share the experience with the board.

    I'm a big time stim addict, and love things that increase my energy.

    I will report on experiences with both products.

  2. Sounds good man i hope you enjoy it and i can help if you have any questions.

    How do you plan on dosing?
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  3. Blast:First Impressions
    I took 1scoop in about 20oz of water, about 1/2 hour pre workout.
    The taste:barely there. vaguely citrus.
    It gave a very good clean energy.
    It gave me the BEST mental focus of any energy supp I've tried. I'm not sure how they did it, but it's like mental blinders.

    I'm a big time lover of energy drinks, and this beats them ALL hands down. I should know, I have several 4-packs of Red Bull in the fridge as we speak. Nimbus, you ruined energy drinks in a can for me, as none of them match up. Thanks guys

  4. LOL glad we could destroy your energy drink addiction. I did notice a good mental clarity on Blast even when i used it before some exams. The flavor should be good cuz trust me the non flavored blast was a quite interesting flavor
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  5. Sidenote:
    I've sworn off drinking when I go out with the boys to meet the girls.
    I was using energy drinks, then switched over to pre-workout stuff, like sp-250 or Whiteflood, because the normal energy drinks wernt strong enough for me. When I'm out, I AM the party!

    I will try blast before I go out next time, and will post the results here as well.

  6. Keen to see how this works out for you. I ran these two for a couple of months and loved it ( will get off my arse and post the Swell review soon ). I found two scoops of Blast + Swell to be an awesome pre workout drink but you may get a bit of a flush ( you lucky thing ). Got great results, pumps and vascularity.

  7. Glad to see our products are kicking in for ya G. Looking forward to seeing how it functions on the night out.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  8. Bump for any more reviews of BLAST.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by IvyLeaguePump View Post
    Bump for any more reviews of BLAST.
    Well my review is already on the system but I got caught out with my resupply coming later than expected and I had to make do with energy drinks in the meantime. I spent a crapload of money, got headaches, nausea, gut aches and crashed out all the time. It was a pretty miserable situation all round and my training sucked as a result.

    I now have a tub of Blast and all is good in the world. I have also ordered another so I will have one tub spare so I don't get caught out again.


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