Jungle Warfare Review

  1. Jungle Warfare Review

    I've used jungle warfare a couple of times now and have been meaning to report what i've learned for a while now.

    I ran my first cycle of jungle warfare for 8 weeks and had great results in that time. This was the first time i used a supplement other than naturals - vitamins and amino acids.

    In the first week of my first jungle warfare cycle i didn't notice anything for the first 3 days, from the 4th day up until the 2.5 week point i experienced noticable lethargy. By the 3rd week the lethargy had gone and i began to experience noticeable leaning out coupled with a weight loss of approximately 1.5 kilograms. From weeks 3-6 i experienced lean mass gains of approximately 0.5 kilograms per week, coupled with some increased aggression (alpha male). During weeks 6-8 i didn't gain any more lean mass, however the strength gains i experienced throughout the 8 weeks seemed to peak by the end of week 8.

    I was very pleased with the results from my first cycle of Jungle warfare, and i was especially happy with the leaning out it caused. Besides the lethargy i experienced during the first couple of weeks and the increased aggression during weeks 3-6, the only other side i noticed was some slight shedding, but this reversed itself once the cycle was over.

    The most important thing i learnt about my first cycle of jungle warfare was the importance of a good PCT (mild). During my first eight week cycle of jungle warfare i managed to gain 1.5 kilograms of lean mass, within two weeks of stoppping the jungle warfare i lost about 1 kilogram of those gains.

    There are a lot of mixed statements on these forums concerning whether or not Jungle warfare is a weak steroid, i do not believe it is a weak steroid (though the sides i experienced may suggest otherwise), but i do believe a PCT that is focused on mass retention is necessary. Therefore for my second cycle of jungle warfare i decided to run a PCT consisting of a test booster (PCS or 6-oxo) and creatine.

    I ran my second cycle of jungle warfare for 10 weeks, with the intention of running it at dosages higher than those recommended during the later stages of the cycle (weeks 6-10). During the first week of my second cycle of jungle warfare i began experiencing slight head aches, this symptom persisted for several days so i decided to end the cycle and take a two week break before beginning again.

    After two weeks passed i began my 2nd cycle again, this time i did not experience any head aches in the first week. During the first week of my second cycle i did not experience the type of lethargy i had experienced during my first cycle. By the 3rd week i once again experienced some leaning out, with a noticable increase in definition around the shoulders. During weeks 3-6 my strength was once again up and the alpha male feeling was back, however i did not record any increases in weight. The lack of weight increase between weeks 3-6 prompted me to try upping my dosages, this i now believe was a serious mistake! I went from taking 3 tablets with meals to taking 4 tablets with meals and immediately i could tell something wasn't right. At 4 tablets per day i felt edgier, noticed increased shedding and experienced significant disruptions to my sleep. Due to the sides i lasted only 4 days at 4 tablets with meals, and returned to 3 tablets with meals. This is where things get interesting....

    Having dropped back down to 3 tablets with meals and at the beginning of week 7 of my 10 week cycle i started to experience the best gains i have had using jungle warfare. For the last 3 weeks of my 10 week cycle i gained approximately 0.5-0.8 kilograms per week, though admittedly not all of this was lean mass.

    I'm now into the second week of my PCT (PCS and creatine) for my second cycle of jungle warfare and i have managed to maintain all of my mass gains! I must repeat that i do not believe jungle warfare is a steroid but a test booster seems to help with maintaining gains and preventing the loss of libido that i experienced after my first cycle of jungle warfare, the libido loss seemed to last for 2 weeks.

    During my time on jungle warfare i trained harder than ever, ate as clean as possible and ensured i got 8 hours sleep per night, if i didn't get 8 hours sleep on a particular night i ensured that i made it up on the weekend (sleep deficts can be a serious hinderance to progress). Staying away from alcohol during and after the cycle is also a must (at least during PCT).

  2. 2 week loss of libido? That kinda sucks. Anyway I took the jungle warfare and had the same lethargy as you... I justy altered my diet and uped the carbs with the meals I was taking the jungle with. Either way, I wouldnlt buy it again. If it's a steroid it was horribly week for the price point.

    Oddly enough I have one bottle left and was looking on the forums to see if I should run it with my next cycle, or during my pct.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by gibbob2 View Post
    2 week loss of libido? That kinda sucks.
    It wasn't much fun, i went from blowing 'warfare' loads (sorry if this is too explicit), to losing most of my gains and not feeling anything much downstairs.

    i expressed my disappointment concerning the libido issues to my training partner one afternoon, he suggested that its impossible to experience the positive/gains i had without there being a cost (relative negative). Hence my use of PCT the second time round.

  4. Are these the red bottles or clear bottles ?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ReaperX View Post
    Are these the red bottles or clear bottles ?
    They were the red bottles.

  6. Hmm i read somewhere that the clear bottles contained the steroid and the red were pretty useless.


  7. Quote Originally Posted by ono View Post
    Hmm i read somewhere that the clear bottles contained the steroid and the red were pretty useless.

    I wouldn't say that the red are useless, but if you are looking to put on massive amounts of size then the product probably isn't for you. I'm not saying that I didn't gain some lean mass while using the product, though the biggest benefits I experienced were the recomposition (leaning out) and strength increasing effects.

  8. is jungle warefare like 6 oxo in that it helps with gyno?


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