Dboyzl's virgin stack neovar & RPM

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  1. dude i just tried to go up to LA they are freaking closed makes me mad i was looking forward to it after a hard days work
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  2. lol they close at 10 on weekend

  3. so this guy saw me working out at LA and started soliciting some advice....i listened and realized he knew what he was talking about. turns out he used to BB olympic style with some of the nationals but never made it that level himself. anyways, hes there to help me out when i need it =D

  4. awesome now post your workout for the day!
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  5. but im not running the log anymore...?

  6. haha thats true.
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  7. let me see if im chosen for that hypertrop-x or not. if not ill just start one in the logs section

  8. ill get you some stuff to run with it or ill help you set up a good stack of some fun stuff that i have tried and know works
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  9. this was a good log, looking forward to another one

  10. thnx bro. cant wait to start another =D

    maybe the new formula :-)


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