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  1. dont get yourself in trouble homeh! Some angry mothers will give supplements a bad name.
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  2. lol!!!

  3. yesterday
    military press 3x15 65
    weight dips 3x10 35
    skullcrushers 3x10 45
    ab press 3x20 35
    bridges 3x60 45
    *i dont know much to work back....help?

  4. todays WO

    bench 2x7 135, 2x7 115
    incline 3x7 95
    squat 3x10 185
    BB curls 3x15 65
    DB flys 3x10 35
    trap roll 3x20 225

    tomorow is rest day....i felt fatigued today
    pumps 9/10
    strength 9/10
    endurance 10/10

    *im not seeing alot of growth in my chest. im wondering if my form is off on the bench cuz my arms have grown a bunch. im curious to try isolates
    **anyone have any tips on how to isolate center and upper pectoral muscles?

    *****i love this stack

  5. Quote Originally Posted by drummaboyzl View Post
    **anyone have any tips on how to isolate center and upper pectoral muscles?
    Widen your grip, focus on pinching your scapulas and keep your elbows back when you're coming down.

  6. How's it goin' Drumma? Rugger's advice is solid..... try doing dumbbell presses in place of bar if possible as well.

    As for back exercises..... pullups and deadlifts need to be foundation additions to your routine.

  7. def try the DB's they isolate pretty good. and you can control & get a better flex while lifting. ill help you with it next time i see you

  8. squeeze presses with DBs too.

    the dbs stay in contact all the time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Christian Thibaudeau
    The Squeeze Press

    You must understand one thing: your body is built for survival, not to be balanced and aesthetically pleasing. When you're lifting weights you're stimulating the muscles to grow larger and stronger. This is an adaptive response to physical work.

    However, just doing an exercise doesn't guarantee that you'll be stimulating growth in the muscle you want to maximize. Your body is built for survival. When doing a bench press it doesn't know that your goal is to build a big chest. All it knows is that a big ass weight is trying to crush you and if you don't lift it you'll die.

    So in the interest of your physical integrity and survival, your body will use the muscles better suited to get you out of this menacing situation. If your triceps or deltoids are overpowering your chest, then your chest might not get fully stimulated from the bench press since the nervous system will "shift" more of the workload onto the overpowering muscle(s). This is why some guys get a big chest simply by bench pressing while others build nothing but triceps or shoulders.

    Just because you're doing what's traditionally known as a "chest exercise" doesn't mean that you'll be stimulating maximal pectoral growth. Sometimes you have to force your body to use the muscle you want to stimulate. This is what the "squeeze press" does.

    It's a dumbbell bench press movement with one slight difference: the dumbbells are kept in contact with each other at all times and you're actively squeezing them inward (against each other) as hard as possible. This simple action will shift all the stress onto the pectorals.

    It's very important to understand this point: you should squeeze in the dumbbells as hard as possible during every inch of every single rep. This is what makes this exercise effective.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    squeeze presses with DBs too.

    the dbs stay in contact all the time.
    i like that one!!!

    thnx for help all
    *will be implementing deadlift to routine now and pulls also

  10. deadlift is awesome...I love it haha. explosion.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    ohhhhh you just reminded me of that whole pack, the bakery favorites. god, the cinnamon bun is killer

    strawberry creme > all
    toes-on-the-nose.blogspot.com Deployed blogging
  12. 4-27-08 pix

    1 month ago
    2 weeks ago

  13. Lookn a lot leaner man!

  14. lookin good man. lookin good. keep it up.

  15. todays WO felt great!
    bench 5x7 135
    DB squeeze press 3x10 40
    BB curls 3x10 75
    deadlift 2x12 185
    ab press 3x20 35

    strength 7/10
    endurance 10/10
    pumps 8/10

    *i made sure to watch my form today and i noticed alot more tension in my shoulders, felt a bit of push from my chest but well see how it affects me after i sleep tonite lol.

  16. What exactly do you mean by a "push from your chest"?

  17. like i didnt only feel my shoulders or triceps pushing the weight, i felt it in my pecs too

  18. Quote Originally Posted by metroba View Post
    What exactly do you mean by a "push from your chest"?
    Yeah, that immediately brought a certain scene from "Alien" to mind...

  19. hahaha I def gotta try this.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Hurleyboy05 View Post
    Yeah, that immediately brought a certain scene from "Alien" to mind...

  21. dude you wanna talk abotu feeeling in the chest. do deep DB flat, deep DB incline, deep DB decline, Deep military press. you WILL def feel it then. thats what i did to grow my chest

  22. Dont take the military presses too deep tho. You risk hurting your shoulders. I wouldnt go any further than your nose or upper lip.

  23. yeah my bad on not specifying on that. i stop at ear lobe. metroba my log is up and goin! im going to have measurements up tomorrow for you.

  24. speakin of not goin too low i was in the WR and one of the guys was sayin dont touch your chest on bb decline cuz can tear your rotaters....true or no?


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