Dboyzl's virgin stack neovar & RPM

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  1. Dboyzl's virgin stack neovar & RPM

    Thanks a bunch to Lanbane and the bunch for this awesome opportunity to run Neovar and RPM. Unlike the other winners i will be running this log for a bulk/recomp.
    This will be my first sponsored log so i'll make sure to put 110% into it. I will be taking my before pictures the day i receive the supp's and post them on here and will post new pictures once a week.

    My WO routine will look somethin like this:
    Monday-off day because of bowling league at night
    Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday-bench, incline, decline, db flys w/ superset curls
    Wednesday, Friday, Sunday-squat, ABs, back, traps, arms
    **1-2 mile jog daily
    **i also work abs every night before bed

    My diet consists of:
    pretty much whatever i want to eat since im running a bulk and need the calories. I typically carry a 50/35/15 though. 50 carb, 35 protein, 15 fat. I will most likely be adding more fats and less carbs to my diet though. I also need to bump up my calorie intake by about 800.

    Obviously the RPM and Neovar
    Whey protein
    (occasional energy drink -AMP'd is the best!)

    guess thats it for now. cant wait to receive these products and get this log under way. stay tuned

  2. i see your still usin that WO i wrote you. keep it you should see some nice gains. you already are actually.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by drummaboyzl View Post
    (occasional energy drink -AMP'd is the best!)

    guess thats it for now. cant wait to receive these products and get this log under way. stay tuned

    As in AMP by Mountain Dew?! If thats what you mean youre right, fukcin rocks...check my log rundown, its in there too. haha

    MentalTwitchs-Not now chief, im in the f***in' zone with ANs Neovar & RPM
    Shameless plug


  4. lol nice. guess we both have great taste. and great minds think alike =D

  5. in on 1 cant wait for it

    u should enjoy this
    toes-on-the-nose.blogspot.com Deployed blogging

  6. im in bro

  7. i cant wait either. i'm all conditioned again so i shouldn't be extremely sore and have to take a day break no matter the lifting i do. lemme tell ya though, i tried this weighted crunch thing.....my lower 4 abs were beyond tender for about 3 days. lol.

  8. was it the one i showed you at the school gym? where you hold the 25 lbs weight over your head? thats a beastly one. ya bro me you and sam are gonna be beastly in about 3 months. just keep it up!!

  9. instead of holding it above my head i hold a 35 above my sternum and go horizontal to about 85*

  10. Got my RPM & Neovar today in the mail. Let me make sure on the dosing with Lanbane then i'll get this log started

  11. well good luck to you man

  12. thnx. im pretty sure hes going to keep the dosing the same as normal but i wanna make sure. i want to start this on friday

  13. I just did a cycle with creatine mono and rpm. Great results, I gained some quality mass on my shoulders and lats. I look very full, yet lean. I stay pretty lean year round, but now you can see much more definition, and body fat dropped some. Hope you have a good run man, if you keep your diet in check you'll definitely have great results.

  14. the neovar is a creatine ethyl ester so i should see some great results that i can compare relatively to yours

  15. Good luck man. You've been putting in a lot of hard work setting up your diet and training. Hope this stack treats you well.

  16. punk mine hasnt come yet.




    starting log tomorow

  18. good luck man, I'll be watching...

  19. at school right now, cant wait till its over so i can hit the weight room. ill be taking lunch between 10:45-11:15 (today is my early lunch at school).
    i'm going to take:
    2 neovar at 10:30
    3 RPM at 2:45
    WO 3:00-4:30
    1 RPM at 4:30
    2 neovar at 4:30
    dinner 5:15
    -i'll edit later to add in what i do in my WO

  20. what carbs you going to eat at lunch?

  21. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    what carbs you going to eat at lunch?
    kinda hard since we dont have off campus lunch to go home but ill be having
    12'' sub on wheat, swiss, turkey, olives, dressing
    pint of 2% milk
    choc pop tart

  22. hey bro, i'll follow ya on this
    good luck

  23. Ill be following
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  24. I see a great difference for just one month in your pics man keep up the good work

    I will be following along.
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  25. yeah boy. showin quite a bit of heart in that weight room today my friend


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