ATW Chocolate Mint Review

  1. ATW Chocolate Mint Review

    Now some of you may remember I was nutting myself over how good the choc mint Syntha-6 was. Well ATW's choc mint has topped it. The only thing is I mix 1.5 scoops ATW Chocolate mint with ~10oz Hood Calorie Countdown Chocolate Milk and I actually enjoy it over the Syntha-6.

    I had a syntha-6 choc mint shake 2day and it just didn't do it for me. ATW you have won this choc mint fan.

    So everyone knows here are the stats on my shake

    ATW Choc Mint in HOOD Choc. Milk
    Fat: 6gr
    Carbs: 6gr
    Sugar: 2gr
    Protein: 42gr.


    Syntha-6 Choc Mint in Light Vanilla Soy
    Fat: 8gr
    Carbs: 28gr
    Sugar: 13gr
    Protein: 42gr
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  2. Nice review Distilled. I enjoyed the Chocolate Mint from ATW as well but I found that Cinnamon Bun beat it out along with vanilla when I order from them. Ill just keep my CMint from Dymatize (I like how it clumps up and sort of tastes like ice cream )

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