(unsponsered) retain 2, mass fx, hyperdrol: my quest for ten pounds

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  1. I didn't mean sit around till then. Just take it easy. You'll destroy your hammy doing deads man. Seems like you've been doing all the right things so I'll just chime out. Good luck man.

  2. yeah i know what u mean. but i guess its true what they say: "its harder to stay out of the gym than it is to stay in it sometimes."

  3. So i have finally decided what im going to do about this thread. I am going to continue to take this stack until the three bottles are gone (4 weeks). Im going to do a completly upper body split. A will go something like this: day 1, core day 2 biceps, day 3 chest and shoulders and tris?, day 4 back. Im really sorry ax for not being able to run this stack when im healthy.

    I have noticed a lot of good things on this stack in only 10 days. My biceps have grown a qaurter of an inch and my chest is looking nice. For the first time ever after my chest workouts there are actaul veins bulging from myu chest. I really like this stack and will run a log again in hopefully 7 weeks or so at 100 percent. At that time im going to run this stack and maybe add x factor and or powerfull?????? please suggestions.......


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