New poster - Comments on Toco-8 by PP

  1. New poster - Comments on Toco-8 by PP

    I have been reading on the net to see if there have been any positive comments about Toco-8 from people that have used/been using it. I havent seen much but the comments i have seen have been on this forum so i decided i would register and add a couple words.

    Im a 25 year old from Scotland, i eat a healthy diet (although im bulking right now so give a guy a break lol) and i have recently made the switch from casual gym regualr to dedicated strength training which i really enjoy. I currently supplement with reflex peptide fusion and cellmass by bsn which has given me good results.

    Anyway, onto the point of my post - hairloss.
    I have always had thick hair. In my teens i coloured my hair a lot and often put lots of wax in it and spiked it up and generally didnt look after it.

    Noone in my family is bald and only my dad's dad had a bit of thinning in his crown showing scalp when he hit his 60's. So ive never worried about going completely egg shell bald!

    However, about a year or so ago i noticed my hair getting noticably thinner for whatever reason, call it just plain old age. I never looked at my crown until i slated a guy in my work who has "doughnut hole" baldspot and he told me i should look at my own crown as mine was going the way his started! I totally crapped my pants when i got a mirror and looked at the back of my head, i could see a circle of baldness about the size of a 5p peice that looked very blatant considering my longish dark hair. I panicked terribly and it made me very depressed. I started shaving my hair down to a 2 blade and immediatley researched products i could use to help the problem and prevent it from getting worse.

    I had started noticing a lot of hair falling out in the shower. Easily about 20-30 hairs every time. I ordered propecia and some topical minoxidil type sprays. I think the sprays did me more damage than good as they made the baldy bit the size of a 2p! So i came off them and stuck with propecia which although to this day has never done anything amazing apart from give me a softer erection, i think it has slowed hairloss.

    So i started making a stack, same as you would with weightlifting supplements. I added Dr Proctors shampoo which has a mild natural minoxidil in it as well as some other stuff like copper peptides and saw palmetto. Its a pain in the ass ordering from the states all the time but i figured if it works then hell ill do it.

    I recently added Toco-8 and am now on my second tin. I have to say i was sceptical and still slightly am! But... since adding the Toco-8 to my stack i have noticed far less shedding in the shower. Im talking a shed of maybe 5-10 hairs now as opposed to 20-30. The doughnut hole where my crown is has now shrunk down to the size of a 5p again and if i use a bit of light wax i can hide it completely. My hair feels slightly thicker and tends to grow a bit quicker. I have grown my hair slightly longer and it really looks much better.

    To the guys at Primordial - i am on my second tin now and order it from the states. Is there any way you can make a bigger tin to help it last longer? Im intending to keep using this product along with my current stack and want it to last a bit longer to avoid constant reordering.

    My Stack:

    Supermarket brand Hair Skin and Nails supplement
    Dr Proctors regrowth Nano Shampoo

    Im happy to answer any questions on toco if you guys have any. Ill give unbiaed answers as im not affiliated with the company.


    Whether the Toco has caused these improvements or not i really cant be sure, but what i do know is my stack is helping to restore my hair to its orginal fullness.

  2. Interesting - thanks for posting.

    I'm generally thinning all over the top with it a bit more pronounced at the crown and just started propecia about 2.5 months ago. Still to early to judge any results of course - most people seem to recommend that 6 months to a year is the bare minimum time period before you'll see results unless you are a "super responder".

    I just put in an order for some stuff with primordial, and thought I might as well throw in toco-8 as well to give it a go - only been on that since monday. How long would you say it was before you saw decreased shedding?

    Hopefully it'll give yet another angle to attack the hairloss from!

  3. Thanks for posting your experience for us. Good info.

    I have been looking into my options for preventing hair loss, or slowing it down at least. This sounds like a good option.

  4. no probs guys. I think a lot of guys that try products like toco rarely write any feedback. It took me halfway through my first tin (about 2.5 weeks) to notice a decrease in shedding. I think what toco does best is stop the shed. Alongside fin and minox i think its a pretty potent stack. Let me know how you guys get on with it

  5. see now stories like that I like to hear lol...

    What kind of hairloss did you have clone? Diffuse?

    I haven't had any sides yet from propecia either (knock on wood), but no thickening up yet either lol. I've got a good 3 months left to go before I see anything results wise anyway though I guess. How long you been on propecia now?

  6. flyboy, i have been on propecia for around a year and a half. My hair didnt appear to look much thicker until i used dr proctors shampoo and added toco to the mix. I thik the best chance of combatting hairloss is to use a number of products as they each work in different ways. Much like a bodybuilding stack.
    Other products i tried included Spectral DNC and Nanogel shampoo and thickener.

    My hair has only responded since the addition of dr proctors and toco so something in one of these products is definately restoring my hair! Im just not sure which lol!

    As far as sides with fin, i have certainly experienced a bit of extra abdominal fat which is hard to move. I eat extra clean even when bulking so this is a bit of a pain in the ass.
    Another side i experience is softer erections, though i do use cialis every now and then if its a special occassion for extra oomph lol

  7. Well this is good to hear.

    Koopa, if you wanted to order a few cans at a time we could work a discount for you. Shoot me a PM.




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