ErgoPharm AMP v2 Early Reaction

  1. Thumbs up ErgoPharm AMP v2 Early Reaction

    I am very pleased with the new AMP as a pre-workout aid. I feel energized but not over-stimulated. The effects seem consistent too. This is noteworthy because the original AMP effected me profoundly the first couple times I used it (I was actually a tester, under a different screen name), but my tolerance built up immediately.

    Only complaint are the burps I get from raspberry ketones. (I get them from the Scorch with RK too.)

    Also kudos to Pat for including green coffee bean extract, I think this is the first thermogenic to do so.

  2. how would you rate its effects to clearshot, if you have tried that ergo product?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by IRISHRYG View Post
    how would you rate its effects to clearshot, if you have tried that ergo product?
    I think AMP2 is way better then Clearshot and the original.

  4. Would you say that amp2 is suitable for everyday use as a fat-burner?

  5. Yeah, I don't see why not. I was only evaluating it as a workout aid, not a fat burner. Kind of hard to do that. Based on the ingredients, I think it should be effective, but that's not exactly a scientific conclusion.

    Stacks well with green tea (like Lean Green).

  6. Amp2 is like superman pills, honestly.
    The downside was the burps/breath (brush, rinse + chew gum!), and the penis shrinkage (i guess this only applies to the guys), but most stims do that to me.

    Anyhow, the energy is incredible, the focus and just excitement to thrive in the gym. I can think of numerous times where I'm at the gym straight up dancing between sets to my ipod and having philosophical breaks on my drive home.

    Amp 2 was really great for me, I am going to try something new, but if it fails me I know amp's got my back


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