1. Bloodwork

    I did a cycle in January consisting of 10mg superdrol and 25 mg halodrol everday for 30 days. I am 30 years old and have been training on and off for the past 10 years. I started the cycle weighing 173.5 and fairly lean. Over the course of the cycle I put on 14 pounds by day 30 and still very lean. So overall I had a good cycle or so I thought. I went for bloodwork a week after and my cholesterol was high for the bad and low for the good type. Also my liver lipid level readings were very elevated.

    AST- 80 10-40 u/l normal
    ALT- 166!! normal 9-60 u/l.

    My post cycle support consisted of Annabolic Innovations cycle support twice a day . Annabolic Innovations Cycle support twice a day and Activate xtreme usual dosage.

    30 days later I still kept 12 of the 14 pounds and was fully recovered!!! Not only that I went back for bloodtests and not only was my cholesterol back down but my new liver lipid levels were
    AST- 36 10-40 normal
    ALT - 43 9-60 normal!!

    I was just so impressed by the anabolic Innovations products that i had to let everyone know what a great set of products the cycle support and post cycle support are. Imagine if i took the cycle support throughout the entire cycle which i would highly recommend in the future.

    Also I would like to add that my doctor was so surprised at how fast my lipids were back in check he asked what I took and i told him about the cycle support and pcs and he was very interested in these products to recommend to future patients!!

    Thanks again Anabolic Innovations great stuff!!!

  2. Those liver values are nothing to worry about, it is totally normal for them to be elevated after a cycle, especially stacking 2 methyls. You can try to treat the high cholesterol w/ otc supps including garlic, RYR, policosanol, and related products. RYR converts to mevacor which is a statin. Statins may be counter productive to lowering liver enzymes, so keep that in mind (just don't over do it). Also, eat as much oatmeal/high fiber foods as you can stand. ALT 166 is nothing to fear a week out of a cycle. It will return to normal in about a month. Loading up on milk thisle, sam-e, other antioxidants will expediate the process. I've seen guys with much higher liver enzymes after running similar cycles.

    Edi-ok, I just read the rest of your post, good to see that everything is good. I have a bad habit of reading 2 sentences and responding.

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