Alright everyone... Alittle backround history on me, been bodybuilding for 20 years. 5'11 242lbs @ 11% bf. I am used to the old school methods and anobolic cycles. Been clean of the real stuff for about 5 years. I have run omnevol and testonate 50 with good results, from what I have read here everyone condems these supplements because they basically run 3 meth combos at once. I realize how everyone here feels about them and respect your opinions, but I have never had a problem while running them. I have blood work done every 4 weeks and my liver function has never been out of the normal range although is does kill my test level (which is low anyway @ 38) and my sex drive. I take andrgel @ 5mg per day to supplement my low test level (my test levels have been low for years). With all this being said, I have been doing a little reading thought the boards and am looking for some advise on a good cycle to start for the summer time. I would like to cut down to 230lbs which will pretty much rip me up to close to my old competition weight. I would like to know everyones opinion on a epi/havoc/furazadrol stack and what dosages I should consider taking. No flaming the new old guy as I am really not up with all these new supplements. I am used to the old sustanon 250/tren/winny. Thanks.