P-slin, WMS, PW, Trac-NO

  1. P-slin, WMS, PW, Trac-NO

    My name is Matt and ive been lifting on a consistent basis for about 4 years now. I've been involved in a variety of sports for as long I can remember such as cross country, track, and soccer. However, in 10th grade, wrestling is what influenced my interest in lifting and its been a part of my life ever since. I just finished my wrestling season for 2007-2008 and haven't wasted anytime getting back in the gym. I've supplemented with a variety of products and should be able to report the true efficiency of the supps for this log. I haven't ran any of these specific supps in this log before (not including staples). Umm i think Im addicted to AM... thats about it.

    Purple Wraath
    Trac-NO (5$ at GNC...why not)

    My staples are:
    EAS premium protein (6lbs 25$ sams club)
    Bulk Supercissus Rx
    equate multivit
    ON fish oil
    Rexall Multi-enzyme

    Body fat: 8%

    carbs 40%, protein 40%, fat 10%, sugars 10% I avoid simple sugars (white bread, candy, etc), soda, ice cream, pizza, sweet tea, alcohol, chips, and just junk food in general.
    I eat whole grains, pastas, meat, eggs, fruit, small salads and food of the like for nearly every meal.

    sleep: usually 8 hours

    This log will last as long as my P-slin, so about 30 days. I will adhere to the following schedule:

    mon front legs calves
    tues chest traps (2sets tris)
    wed back (2sets bis)
    thurs back legs calves
    fri shoulders traps (2sets chest)
    sat arms (2sets back)
    sun church

    cardio: 4-5 times/week
    running(distance, sprints), occasionally swimming

    to gain muscle mass. to gain 6 pounds in 30 days, so to weigh in at a solid 180. (setting the goals a bit high, I know)

    I will comment on the following:
    Stamina/Endurance ----x/10
    Energy/Focus ---------x/10
    Misc. notes/comments/weight
    Lets get started!

  2. Ok, im starting this log a week late but better late then never. For this past week my training has been pretty sloppy, but next week i will assume the protocol in my first post.

    Week 1
    M-Back, bis
    T-chest tris
    R- too sore to lift
    F-shoulders traps
    St-Back bis

    this was my first week back lifting after a few months of no good workouts due to the wrestling season, so i was extremely sore. I will post a more detailed WO protocol eventually.
    Stamina/Endurance ----n/a
    Energy/Focus ---------8/10
    Misc. notes/comments

    My strength hasnt changed after this first week. I havent noticed a difference in stamina/endurance yet, they are already pretty high for me. I could tell after the p-slin dose that i was a bit more focused, it was cool. I def noticed an increase in focus and energy after the Trac-no dose. I could tell on friday and saturday that my muscles were feeling a bit more fuller, and definetly more vascular. This week has made me very sore; ill be able to comment on recovery better next week.

    I dose my supps as follows:
    p-slin cap
    wait 20 min
    30g carbslam/ 1-2Tbs honey
    wait 10 min
    60g oats
    wait 15min
    wait 20min or so

    ill have pics up tomorrow

  3. The leg workout today was pretty nice. I did front legs, so squats, supersetted leg press(duck and pigeon footed) w/leg extensions and then calves. By the time i was done with squats, my squads were throbbing, and much more so than my leg workout last week. I also was able to pump out more reps than last week, which was nice. hopefully recovery will improve and ill be able to walk down stairs on wed without turning my knuckle white on the hand rail.

    Stamina/Endurance ----n/a
    Energy/Focus ---------8/10

    Ill also comment that Ive been taking NP supercissus Rx at 2.7grams/day and am about 75% done with my 100gram supply. I just realized today that I didnt remember having any tinge/digging knifepain in my shoulder workout last week...im def excited for this next shoulder w/o to see if this persists.

    I also realize that P-slin and Trac-NO are both pre-wo supps and i probably should be using AP instead of the P-slin. Should be fine though.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by MOHAWKA View Post

    I also realize that P-slin and Trac-NO are both pre-wo supps and i probably should be using AP instead of the P-slin. Should be fine though.
    Actually they should stack together very nicely(pslin and trac-no) as p-slin should maximize your carbs pre workout and trac-no should help like any other pre-workout supplement. The only thing you'd have to worry about is a pump that is too big

    your log is looking good so far tho..keep it up
    PEScience Representative
    Don't miss out on the next deal:
    Protein Backed by Science: http://selectprotein.com

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bolt10 View Post
    Actually they should stack together very nicely(pslin and trac-no) as p-slin should maximize your carbs pre workout and trac-no should help like any other pre-workout supplement. The only thing you'd have to worry about is a pump that is too big

    your log is looking good so far tho..keep it up

    yea i wouldnt want that haha...thanks man

  6. Chest workout today was nice; the pumps and vascularity are very good right now too. Strength is about the same however. Energy and focus were the same as its been...on point. My legs are pretty sore from yesterday, and we'll c how sore my chest is tomorrow.

    Today went like DB incline, weighted dips, DB bench supersetted with parallel flys(for lower chest), flys. With plenty of sets. got two sets of tricep pushdowns to finish it up.

    Stamina/Endurance ----n/a
    Energy/Focus ---------8/10

    some side notes:
    first, ive found that when i add my carbslam(wms) to my EAS protein, there is NO CLUMPING OR STICKING(!!!) to the sides of the bottle AT ALL. Today i just threw in some powder with my milk and all of the powder clumped at the surface of the milk and i could hardly even drink it. Looks like I wont be separating this couple anytime soon hah.

    Also, ever since i started taking supercissus Rx (by np), ive had rock hard erections and 24/7 honers, its pretty sweet. This may be because cissus lowers cortisol levels which somehow leads to raised test levels. correct me if im wrong on this.

  7. back workout today was better than last weeks. I found myself moving through my workout quicker ie less rest b/w sets. I didnt even feel that tired afterwards either, i probly could have done more sets, but that would have been 5sets+ for most of my lifts...mabey the PW's workin. By the time i was done with back my bis were pummmmmmpin, they looked bigger i could tell. vascularity is still on point. Also, my chest was hardly sore at all today, felt nice; my legs were still sore but not nearly as much as last week...this also may be b/c last week was my first week back liftin hard in months, wtv though hah.

    Stamina/Endurance ----3/10
    Energy/Focus ---------8/10

    gonna weigh myself this weekend

  8. yea so i did a little researching and decided to switch up some things:

    wait 15min
    22g carbs(from oats)
    75g carbslam

    Post W/O
    2scoops PW/30g wms immed after workout
    protein shake with meal

    About 10 min after the dose of wms, i was almost in a daze, hah. After the second set of DB shoulder press, i was pumpin harrrd, and after the 3-4 set, my whole upper body felt like a big pump. I also put up more weight than last week, got in more reps, and ran through my exercises more quickly. My biceps and back werent sore at all from yesterday.

    Stamina/Endurance ----4/10
    Energy/Focus ---------8/10

    I am gonna take my PW immed post workout b/c i cant stop burping if i drink it during, which slows my workout. And I am also taking it with the 30g wms and holding off on the protein till my meal. i cant wait till arms day on sat!

  9. today was posterior legs: straight leg DL, smith machine back lunges, walking weighted lunges, leg curls, calves. Everythings pretty much the same as yesterday except with different body parts. gonna weigh myself tomorrow.

  10. Did tris and bis today, and i can truly say that it was the best arm workout of my life, no joke. My arms were sooo tight, it felt like they were about to rip, it was amazing. The 22gcarbs from oats/75g wms then WO 45-60min later is def working for me. Felt ampd thru whole workout. My glutes, hams, and calves are slightly sore from yesterday. weighed myself on a different scale (a nice one) and was 177.5 in my underwear; so that about 3.5 lbs in two weeks, albeit some some of which is def water weight from the creatine. Its still improvement though.

    Stamina/Endurance ----4/10
    Energy/Focus ---------8/10

  11. sunday was my off day

    monday I worked front legs: 5 sets squats, supersetted pigeon-toed/close-footed leg press for 4 sets total with leg extensions for 4 sets, then got 5 sets of [email protected] 20 reps+ @ 365lbs. took like 45 minutes. After a set of leg press and a set of leg ext. my quads were soooo tight, u know, like when u cant squat down as far to the ground b/c ur legs are so pumped. love it. I was going through my workout quicker I could tell, and I was puttin out more reps, not enough to add more weight though.

    Today was my chest workout and it was awesome as well. I started with the weight from last week for bench (65's) and finished my last two sets with 80's, which is almost where I was a few months ago. The pump felt reaaal good. My legs arent very sore at all today, well just have to see how tomorrow treats them.

    Strength---------------8/10 going up
    Stamina/Endurance ----5/10 going up
    Energy/Focus ---------8/10 same
    Pumps/Vascularity-----9.5/10 same
    Recovery-------------6/10 going up

    I like to workout pretty soon after I pop my p-slin so i just downed 90g of carbslam with no oats today. worked out 45 minutes later. I feel this is working for me.

  12. Sounds like everything is still going great. Glad you seem to have found a nice protocol for the p-slin and it will just get better as you continue to use it.
    PEScience Representative
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  13. hey thanks man, i hope it does!

    today was back: 5sets widepulls, 5sets T-bar rows, 4 sets each SSet behind head pulldowns/bent rows wide grip, 3sets 1arm bent rows, 2 sets hypers, 2 sets EZbar curls. = 23 sets back, 2 sets bis

    Usually on pulls i have to help myself out on the 3rd set for 12 reps, but today it was the 4th set. i usually only do 4 sets on T-bars, but today i did 5. I also usually dont do hypers which i did today. I was considerably less winded through my workout, and was able to get this WO done in 55min and barely made it to cell bio on time, hah.
    I feel like im on a constant pump, my pecs feel like their just hanging off my chest. I look bigger and feel bigger. Pecs are kinda sore from yesterday.

    Strength---------------8/10 going up
    Stamina/Endurance ----6/10 going up
    Energy/Focus ---------8/10 same
    Pumps/Vascularity-----9.5/10 same
    Recovery-------------6/10 going up

    im weighing about 180 now.

  14. Yesterday was shoulders. I am starting to notice a few things more and more with each workout. 1. i am putting up more weight for more reps. 2. I am looking and feeling more fuller, and when I workout, the pumps are incredible. 3. my recovery time between sets is getting shorter, which also ties in with more reps per set.
    today was back legs: 5 sets back lunges on smith machine (6X365lb for 4th set, almost to where i was during summer), 5 sets standing leg curls, 6 sets standing calves w/405lb on first 3 sets. got it done in about 35-40 min.

    Stamina/Endurance ----
    Energy/Focus ---------

    i think it would make more sense to comment on these aspects at the end of my log, because after every workout i feel like i should add a point to each aspect. so ill hold off till the end of my log.

    im weighin like 181

  15. aight saturdays workout was incredible worked tris and bis. I didnt think the pumps could have gotton eny better from last weeks arms, but i think they did. I not only felt huge, but looked it too,i can really start to tell a difference. The 24/7 muscle fullness is pretty awesome too. sunday, my arms werent sore at all, i could probably work them hard 2ce a week now.

    Yesterday I did front legs: 6sets squats, supersetted leg extensions(5sets) with leg press duckfooted and closefooted for 4 sets total, and wasnt able to do calves because I broke my toe on saturday on my 1.5 mile jog to the cape fear to go fishing...so i was bummed about my unworked calves. The pump in my quads was even better than the week b4, if thats possible. strength continues to climb as well as endurance.

    i weighed myself this morning b4 breakfast and was 180...pretty amazing. also i got my buddy to get on some AP, he started it yesterday, he was so excited haha.

    im bout to lift chest here in a bit so peeaccceee

  16. did chest yesterday: 5 sets db bench, 5sets db incl, 5sets weighted dips, 5sets flys, 5 sets parallel body flys. also got in 3 sets of tri pulldowns for some stimulation. i was feeling good on bench so just went for the 90's and got 2.8 sets of 10 b4 i had to drop the weight. I think ive figured out that if i do 70's or 90's im gonna be able to do the same number of reps, like i cant get more than 11 reps with 70's but i can get 11 with 90's. It may be the explosiveness the creative gives me, which is more for big weight few reps, over endurance. mabey that made some sense. the weight on incl and dips went up as well. pumps were crazy

    for back today: 6sets widepulls, 5sets tbars, 5sets behind headpulls, 5sets widebent rows, 3sets each 1armbent rows, 2 sets hypers, 5X20 db shrugs with 120s, 3sets db curls. And i still felt like i was missing something! did this in about 1:20.

    so to recap im constantly notising improvements in, the pump, strength, endurance and recovery time. the focus has been steady, and has been good, but i feel the pump i get after a few sets gets me amped more than anything.

  17. Did shoulders yesterday: 6sets db press, 6sets behindhead bbpress, 5sets laterals, 5sets frontals, forarms. i was gettin 70s on db press, which is 10lb more than b4.
    back legs today was good: 6sets back lunges, 6sets ham curls. couldnt get calves cause my toes still broken, i was bummed. everythings goin well though, id pretty much be repeating myself if i commented on anything else

  18. Aright, i finished up my stack last Saturday but have been bombarded with tests until now. The most progress i noticed was in strength. I went from 75s to 90's on DB bench, 30's to 40's on lateral raises, and have increased at least 10lbs on all other lifts. I also had to increase my sets to about 6 per exercise b4 my muscles felt tired. I went from 174 to 180 including some water weight from the creatine, so maybe 3-4 lbs muscle. The pslin def gave me some killer pumps, some of the best i have ever had, and vascularity was good too.

    Stamina/Endurance ----8/10
    Energy/Focus ---------7/10


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