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    Nimbus Blast

    Been a fan of the Poseidon complex for a while and after reading some reviews I thought I would give it a try. Here's my take on it.


    8/10. Not bad. Not a strong flavour, much like a weak lemon barley without the sweetness. I have this straight often in minimal water and am happy to either shoot it or sip it in a larger amount of water. It is worth noting that it can be added to other supps without fear of it overpowering other flavours.


    N/A I guess this is for others to decide. Like I say I am a fan of the Poseidon complex and as such believe this has a lot to do with the positive effects of this product. In reality I do not know enough about the other ingredients to give a credible breakdown of the formula.


    9/10. Very clean and refreshing energy. Great for maintaining focus and concentration and clearing the head. It is quite a subtle supplement so don't expect any frothing at the mouth crazy energy. Often I will take it and rather than feel the sudden rush of blood, I will simply notice a gentle uplift and that 3 hours later I am not fatigued when usually I would be.

    I use 2 scoops pre workout if my a** is dragging and find I have good energy and motivation without the heart rate going all over the place. One ( rarely two scoops ) at work gives me a nice lift and clears the head ( I work 12 hour day and night shifts).

    I do find it is good for the around the 5 hours it states on the tub.

    Please note: NO CRASH WHATSOEVER

    Other Thoughts and Observations

    All around a great purchase. It comes in a small tub packed to the brim with powder and this seems to last me forever ( been over three months I think now ). As such is very cost effective.

    I have stated elsewhere that the stim junkies out there may be disappointed somewhat if they are taking it pre workout. It most likely will not pack the punch they are after. I do however feel that Blast has a wide variety of other applications that may be overlooked e.g; Work- clears the head, refreshes and helps concentration, Going out and when feeling lethargic or unmotivated- nice clean lift, hydration ( Poseidon Complex ) can't hurt.

    I do mostly gymnastic / body weight training and find this an ideal stim for me ( don't want heart rate going nuts ). I have also read that stacking Blast with other pre workout stims has yielded great results.

    All round - very satisfied with this product and will buy again

    For what it's worth...Hope this helps someone.


  2. Good detail, and nice breakdown of the product!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jbono731 View Post

    Good detail, and nice breakdown of the product!
    Thanks mate!

    Just a quick note in regards to how long the tub has lasted- checked the arrival date and it will have lasted 2 months tomorrow with probably around 1-2 weeks left. Still very good value, with some days dosing around 4 scoops and obviously some days none at all ( I dose as needed )

  4. Great review RC. Glad to see the product is working. Mad props to ya.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  5. Great Review. Always enjoy reading your summaries. I love the format and clarity.



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