Diesel Test Hardcore: White bottle vs. Red bottle

  1. Diesel Test Hardcore: White bottle vs. Red bottle

    I've used 3 bottles of the white bottle of DTH. I just recently started up on the red bottle.

    I noticed that cordyceps, 2 forms of arginine were added. There might be some other ingredients, but at a quick glimpse the cordyceps/arginine were the only things I noticed.

    I haven't noticed anything different from the red bottle vs. white bottle. There's nothing wrong with DTH, I love it actually, however I don't actually note any difference between the red and white bottle.

    No extra 'anabolic effects' from having a cooler label/bottle......strangely enough. (this is a joke for people who are too slow to pick up on this and it is unfortunate that I just had to actually put this note in right now.)

    .............except that it is more of a pain trying to get that child proof cap off the red bottle instead of just twisting it off the white bottle.

    .......over and out

    hugz & kisses,



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