I started Omnibolic about 2 weeks ago and started a log Over at SSF:

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For the next 4 weeks i will be logging my Omnibolic experience over here at AM. So far here are my views on the product:

Great pumps
Faster recovery
More endurance
Muscle fullness and hardness
Appetite increase

My diet has been the anabolic diet for the past 2 months. I dropped down to about 9% bf and decide that my cut went pretty well. I get about 250g of protein, 150g of fat, 25g carbs. slowly i will start to add more carbs into my diet and eventually switch to a 40/40/20 diet. My training is 4x a week:

Monday- back, bi's, abs
Tuesday- chest, tri's, calves
Wednesday- off
Thursday- Shoulders, traps, abs
Friday- Bi's, Tris, legs

Monday will be the start of my 3rd week and i will post how my workout went everyday for the next 4 weeks

MOD EDIT: Please continue log at SSF.