As most of you know I am a rep for LG sciences. I had been useing exclusively LG stuff up until the point Jacob from USPLabs was kind enough to send me some Recreate to try out. I stared useing it in the final 3 weeks of my cut. I stopped all other stims/thermo products at this time and went soley to Recreate. I was also useing MMv2/M1D stack but there were some things that def stood out to me from Recreate. 1st lets start with my measurements.....

Measurements 2/8/08 Just before Recreate

Waist: 32.5"
Chest: 43"
Right Bicep: 14.5"
Left Bicep: 14.5"
Right Knee: 22"
Left Knee: 21.75"

Meaurements 3/1/08

Waist: <32"
Chest: 42.75" (-.25")
Right Bicep: <14.5" (minimal lost)
Left Bicep: <14.5" (minimal lost)
Right Knee: 21.5 (-.5")
Left Knee: 21.5 (-.5")
Right Thigh: 24" (minimal Lost)
Left Thigh: 24" (minimal lost)

Start Weight:183
End Weight: 178lbs (-5lbs)

IMO thats a solid final 3 weeks. Considering I really didn't change my diet much. Some days cals were lower than others but after dieting for 8 weeks these are huge strides in the final few.

What I noticed most about Recreate.

Appetite surpression
-Getting under 2,500 cals was starting to become tough for me but I think this is where it shined. I was never "hungry" but was never "starving" At a happy point where getting down my food was enjoyable, not a struggle, and I wasn't left wanting more.

Thermo Effect
-I'm usually warm as it is so I didn't notice a whole lot here until I hit the gym. I was sweating balls during cardio and weights. I like that.

Stim Effect:
-Not much here. If your looking for a hardcore stim like Stim-X or spike, dont look here. This is more of a "easier to get up and take out the trash" kinda stim, get what I mean?

Mood Enhancment:
-This is a piggy back from what I said about the stim effect. It was just a nice smooth line of energy which made things a little easier

Muscle Preservation:
-I can't say much here as I was also on MMv2/M1D, but I stil another 3-4 weeks and those will not be paired with MMv2/M1D so I'll def get a good measureing stick to use for you guys.

I am leaveing town 2day but I will try and check in from time to time thru the week, so if anyone has any questions let me know. I will get back to you it may just take a little while.