Havoc/Novadex XT cylce for gyno reduction.

  1. Havoc/Novadex XT cylce for gyno reduction.

    Stats on me.

    42 years old, 6'2" 245lbs, muscular build, been lifting for 20 years, too much body fat around the chest and stomach area, fairly new to the PH arena.

    Career lifts - Bench 365, Squat 550, Deadlift 600 - all without help from steroids, or PH. Can't squat or dead heavy anymore due to back surgery 2 years ago. Just trying to stay fairly strong.

    Done lots of research on here and other forums - tons of info, although sometimes confusing.

    Did T100 a few years ago without knowledge of post cycle therapy - my fault. Great gains though, however did not keep them.

    Last fall did Superdrol with appropriate supports and post cycle therapy -Tomax included.

    Got gyno when I went through puberty and I believe it has worsened with the few PH runs I have made. Can't really tell at first, but I certainly know it is there. For example, when I flex my chest, the mass remains in place and stand out. Nips are ichy from time to time and hurt, even now at times.

    This week just pusling Havoc M-Th-Sat.

    Next week will dose everday and start with Novadex XT. Plan on running this for about 4-6 weeks.

    Will post weekly results.

  2. Good luck, but I don't know if pulsing havoc will help gyno, it may make it worse. For gyno reduction it is recommended that you take a low dose (20mg) for 4 weeks, and then a full post cycle therapy, but it's your log, not mine. I'll be following either way.

  3. Thanks man - gonna dose everyday instead of pulsing - researching a bit more I found that what you said seems to be the concensus.

  4. 20mg ED, following a proper post cycle therapy may help. Or running Nolva at a low dose for a while may help more. Good luck!

  5. def. use it straight i did a 8 weeker at higher doses 40-60mg and it really helped. everyone seems to say low doses but my doses and duration worked for me but it did come back following some more hormonal compound use.

  6. First week is done. No noticable changes - first week was pulsed. Starting today, will dose everyday - 20mg. Sorry, no pics - should have done that at the start.

    No noticable strength gains, but pump was monstrous in today's workout.

    Will check back in a week.

  7. Almost done with week two, but have not noticed anything out of the ordinary. Pump was good today, however.

    First week was pulsed, starting this past Monday, I have been dosing everyday, 20mg prior to workout.

    Any suggestions? I am actually up 4 lbs -weighed 249 today. Gyno appears to be the same. Should I up dose? From reading other post, it seems to be concensus that the bigger you are, the bigger dose you may need.

    Again, suggestion are more than welcome.

  8. Seems like your 6 wk plan was to
    wk 1 pulse
    wk 2 20mg ed
    wk 3 not sure ???

    Since you feel good why not try to run
    pulse/20/30/30/40/40 thats like a 5 1/2 wk stretch.
    Wouldn't worry about the weight effect as much as listening to your own body's response. You seem to er on the side of caution which is a good thing. Good luck & keep updating.

  9. I was gonna pulse the entire time, but advice was given to dose ED when trying to diminish gyno.

    For the remaining length of cycle, maybe 6 weeks total, I was gonna dose ED at 20mg. Might up it for week 3 and see what happens.

  10. If it is legitamte gyno then you are wasting your time.
    Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life. Lao Tse 6th century BC

  11. Wasting my time? So all the logs of people reducing gyno are fiction? Can you at least shrink it?

  12. Have you read renegade rows getting rid of gyno thread?

  13. Nope, please point me to it. Fairly new here.


  14. Getting rid of gyno: What worked for me Just click on the link and there is a boat load of info in there.

  15. keep going with the havoc and so proper PCT, it will "go away" but just dont do any other coupunds after because they bring it back. Only way to completely erase it is through surgery. I got gyno it went away and then it came back with superdrol. I quit that ****. Havoc/epistane is a great product. reduces gyno, little to no sides, most people get higher libido and sense of well being with low doses. hope this helps.

  16. Week two completed.

    Starting today, going to go with 30 mg. 20 before workout, 10 after.

    Starting to feel the effects - down a bit in weight, 246. Pump is unreal, getting a tad stronger. Can't make a call on the gyno yet. I do know that when I get up in the morning, it is smaller.

    Any suggestions on what I may see in week 3? I am hoping this compound will prove to be a keeper - something that gives solid results, yet low sides. So far I feel really good on it.

  17. i just suggest you run it for 8 weeks if you can handle it. The attempt to reduce gyno has to be a longer one, you cant expect something like that to "go away" in a shorter period of time.

  18. subscribed. . .

  19. 3rd week done. Really getting some nice results from this - feel great, getting stronger, full muscles, weight bout the same.

    As far as the gyno, I am not going to say it is shrinking, but it looks better - I feel like I am not as "watery" around my chest and that coupled with the inceased muscle density/fullness helps out.

    Started week four today and going to 40 mg a day.

    Will update in a week.

  20. Finished week 4 a few days ago(Sunday) and stopped.

    Results - gained a few pounds while actually getting a tad leaner - nice effect I would say. Strength went up about 5 reps worth - I only do moderate weight/high reps these days.

    Felt good on it, minimal shutdown, which is also very nice. Never felt lethargic, pretty much the opposite actually.

    As for the gyno, no noticeable reduction, but only ran for 4 weeks and week one was pulsed.

    I will be doing this ph again. Love the pump/moderate strength gains, leaning out a little, and min shutdown.

    Any suggestions on what I could stack this with next time?

    PCT is going well - tomax and super cissus.


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