Awhile back chuck had sent me a few doses of the new version of R4W. I've taken it the past two workouts. My first workout I used 3 pills to test potency as I'm someone sensitive to certain stims. I have tried the past version and would take 1 or two of those pills based on the 3 pill recommend dose. To me at three pills it kind of hit me as an in between 1 and 2 pills of the previous version. They both gave me similar energy and feeling, however this seemed to make me slightly less edgy which is good. At three pills I was sweating up a storm which is my favorite thing about this formula. I then took 4 pills my next workout and think I would stick with 3. 4 really wired me and I was dripping sweat by the end of my workout. Its hard for me to really compare it to the old version because it has been a while since i used it, but they both seem like solid formulations. I still will take another dose or two and see if things change at all, but like all diesel products, it does what it says. The one thing I WISH Chuck would come out with would be a complete pre-workout drink. Basically an energized NOS Ether. How about it? You know you want to!!