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  1. Methyl DX3 Log

    Hey guys hows it going. I'm going to start this log because i had great success with my first cycle (superdrol) and considering Methyl DX3 is a clone of it i will be posting my day to day progress. For some reason i was really skeptical about starting another cycle. Yes i had success with superdrol (check my about me) but the possible sides can outweigh the good. Yet i decided to man up and start it. I won't be going crazy with it. i plan on a 3 week cycle because i am a bit nervous. plan on 10 20 20 with milk thistle and nolva for post cycle. This is what i did for superdrol except for superdrol i did a 10 20 30 20 10 to ween myself on and off. With nolvadex on my post cycle i will be doing 30 30 20 10 or until my bottle is finished. If any of you think i should take other supplements for my health let me know. i was thinking of picking up some fish oil. I am also using black powder NO.

    Day 1:
    took my first dose around 11:30AM 30 min prior to lifting. I ate a small breakfast prior to that.... 2 bowls of kashi go lean crunch and 2 packets of instant oatmeal. I also had a protein shake with 2 scoops 40g
    I weighed in at 180 pounds even. Did chest and tri's today. not a bad workout

    Flat bench:
    185 X 10
    195 X 8
    195 X 6
    No spot available

    incline dumbbell
    65 X 10
    70 X 8
    75 X 5

    incline flies
    35 X 10
    45 X 10
    45 X 10

    3X 10

    TRI'S i used rope and triangle and did 3 sets of 10 reps increasing weight each time.

    for lunch i had a tuna sandwich on wheat bread, glass of whole milk, cottage cheese and pears, and grilled chicken

    Throughout the day i drink water

    Grilled chicken and leftover pasta

    Protein shake 3 hours later and thats about it for food for the day.
    i make sure i eat in 3 hour increments... 3 regular meals and 3 shakes throughout the day.

  2. whens the last time u had ur BP checked? superdrol in my case took my BP to DANGEROUS ass levels man. other than that ur looking good, carb up for the 1st two weeks and let your glycogen stores fill up to capacty

  3. i took superdrol my freshman year of college and had my last physical the year following and they didn't say anything was out of whack so i assume i am ok. We have a health and human services building that i can also get appointments at so i may consider that very soon. My health is obviously more important to me than any gains on this stuff

  4. Methyl DX3

  5. sounds good then, just keep BP and lipids in mind but if u didnt have a problem last time u definitly wont this time unless dx3 is a diff compound which i doubt. every1 responds diff to each compound. my buddy and i both ran Sd at the same time. i put on 15lbs while getting the worst sides of my life while he put on 10 and had no sides at all. both running the same doses.

  6. what were your sides? i'm still nervous about this, i dont know if thats good or bad haha

  7. ur fine bro trust me if u had a good run ur FIRST time u will definitly have a smooth ride this time

    . lets see for me i had lethargy to the point where i was falling asleep periodicly during the day. my BP went like 150/100 ( very very bad) and i got headaches/nosebleeds. and COMPETELY AND UTTERLY DESTROYED libido/ Tlvls. it shut me down LITERALY 100% and it made my sex drive go away til 2 weeks into pct... superdrol + nephilim = no good

    superdrol + normal people = :bb:

  8. maybe he lifts with good form.. i use 45's for incline flies and im 240lbs 12% bf... form and 6 second negatives

  9. haha the 45's for flies were because it felt like my pec was gonna tear. I had an injury about 2 months ago and i'm trying to get back into chest. probably should have posted that but i felt it was irrelevant. Before november of 2007 (before i got sick.. which i explain in my about me) i was about 195 and doing sets of 225 on bench. lost 15 pounds since novemeber.

    Currently 180 ibs.

    Believe me or not i went from 180-215 on superdrol. not many will believe that but that is in fact what i gained. a month later i dropped to 200 and stayed there for 2 years.

    I'm not looking to be the hulk. I'm looking to get back to where i was, which was comfortable. If i can't bench 275 pounds then i won't be sad over it, as long as i look good and feel good about myself thats all i care about.

  10. haha and on behalf of what i ate... i usually have a good breakfast to start off my day... which i really didn't today because i got up at 10:45
    but anyway i usually eat 6 egg whites, cottage cheese, wheat toast, and oatmeal. I go for a clean bulk.. thats what worked for me last time. i don't like body fat

  11. Day 2

    Did back and bi's today first thing in the morning. Wasn't the greatest workout, probably because i was lifting on an empty stomach.. and because of that i was light headed.

    Chin-ups: 3 sets of 10

    Lat pulldowns: 155 x 10 170 x 10 185 x 8 190 x 5

    dumbbell rows: 75 x 10 75 x 8 80 x 6

    hyper extentions: 35 x 10 35x 10 35 x 10

    Barbell curls: 95 x 10 105 x 7 115 x 4

    hammer curls: 45's 3 sets of 10

    reverse preacher curls: 50 x 10 60 x 10 70 x 7

    we'll see how tomorrow goes. my chest is real sore from yesterday so im hoping that clears up within the next few days with proper rest.

  12. yea gota get some carbs in b4 u lift, atleast fruit. how long did superdrol take to hit u last time? for me it was 4-5 days for notice strength increases with sufficient carb loading.

  13. took about a week before i noticed gains of anything.. so yeah sounds about right. i will start loading the carbs

  14. Quote Originally Posted by FalconX View Post

    Currently 180 ibs.

    Believe me or not i went from 180-215 on superdrol. not many will believe that but that is in fact what i gained. a month later i dropped to 200 and stayed there for 2 years.
    Well that sounds great. You put on 35lbs and put your body through a lot of agony all to go back to what you were prior. I think this goes to show you that any gains made on cycle will be lost if you don't have your diet in check in order to keep those gains. You don't just have to eat more during cycle, but forever afterwards if you plan to keep it. I personally don't think you should be taking this, but what do i know. You obviously had awesome results. Your back to where you started.....

  15. yeahhh i am.. but i mean i stayed at 195 for 2.. almost 3 years... and then the beginning of the fall i got a stomach bug and lost 15 pounds. This is day 3... haven't taken my day 3 pill yet though. hypathetically if i decided today that i will no longer do this cycle will it be ok to not do a pct? i feel like if i didn't my body would regulate. If not i could run nolvadex.... that may give me some gains in itself correct?

  16. WHAT!!!!!!!!! You want to quit already?? Why???

  17. nawww not yet.. took it about 30 min ago. still going through with it. i made the log for a reason so might as well stick it out

  18. i have been going back and forth with wanting to take it and not wanting to.. but i am gonna stick it out.. its 3 weeks so its before any bad sides hit

  19. yo its rly not that bad its 3 weeks man u can take it. i know ppl who do 20+ weekers

  20. Quote Originally Posted by nephilim666 View Post
    yo its rly not that bad its 3 weeks man u can take it. i know ppl who do 20+ weekers
    20+ weekers of SUPER???

  21. no man.. juice.. lol. 20+ weeks of superdrol would most likely kill you

  22. Quote Originally Posted by nephilim666 View Post
    no man.. juice.. lol. 20+ weeks of superdrol would most likely kill you
    That's what I thought, still that's a long time to be ON no matter what your taken!!! You never know though I read a post in this dudes log on and he ran super for like 8 weeks straight!! Crazy fcuk!!!!

  23. yeahh 3 weeks ain't bad. past few days i've gotten run down with a cold so its hard not having ample energy for the gym. Shortness of breath and coughing up a lung, lol fun stuff when you're doing a cycle

  24. Eat some vitamins dawg, beat that cold's @ss and get your sh!t back in gear!! Get better bro..

    Side note: it seams like everyone that runs superdrol complains about getting sick while ON. Could this be the revered anabolic flu??? Maybe..........

  25. it could quite possibly be... ****in coughing up all kinds of stuff.... blows. im eating oranges like its no ones business


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