Mfx max str + JW + green mag + beta alanine bulking log

  1. Mfx max str + JW + green mag + beta alanine bulking log

    im starting this as part of my break from hormones hoping to bulk up 10 lbs in 12 weeks. goin like this.

    1-4 mass FX 4 caps ED, 5-8 6 caps ED
    1-4 Jw 3 caps 5-8 JW 5 caps
    1-12 Green Mag 2 servings daily pre/post W/o
    1-12 3g beta alinine PER GM serving. so 6g ED.
    8-12 Restore 3 caps daily just to make sure?
    8-12 Tamox 10mg Ed cause i love it.

    also will be taking some joint support ****,multi vit, amino acids few times a day. whey protein 6 servings daily. Diet is heavy on meats, potatos, brown rice, potato bread, and more meat. macrod down 50/30/20. i dropped my Cals from 5k a day to 2500 to shock my body for the past 5 days. tomorw ill begin bulking again. letting u guys know im lazy as hell so this log is not guna be that in depth, few updates a week, as i (hopefully) notice improvments. guna go by 7 main point over the next 12 weeks. i spent more money on this 12 week stack than i wud have on 12 weeks of juice so i will really work hard to make this work.

    Strength- as of now im still strong as hell from my last cycle and hoping to maintain this or maybe get a little stronger

    Muscle Mass/Fullness- i lost my full all day feeling but i still have some good size to me

    Alpha Male feeling- i ended my post cycle therapy a few days ago and i feel average, my T lvls are in the mid 700's. normaly im a very agressive and obnoxious person and stims tend to make me a huge *******.

    Libido- almost forgot about this 1, if my libido starts to decline i will cry and then ill get some paravol lol. as of now its off the wall and my girl cant handle me as it is

    Sides- i have acne on my shoulders/chest/back but its very mild and hopefully will not be an issue with these products as i do not like having acne, shampoo on my back in the shower usualy clears it up quickly

    Endurance- i have gained alot of mass in the past 2 years and i do sometimes gasp for air when i lift hard, i know now why i always see the big pros sucking wind.

    How i look (cuts/vascularity)- im pretty lean , 12%, as of today and hoping to end up the same, highest being 15% veins in shoulders/traps/chest/forearm/bicep/tricep/quads/ and on good days abs/calves, i heard these have good vasodialation effects and im looking to improve my overall vascularity.

  2. bump i guess for day 1? if no1 ends up following ill give up .

    strange that my MFX and JW pills look EXACTLY the same lol kinda bugged me out a bit. but i opend 1 of each and it was diff **** inside. took all my doses of whatnot today and had a very TINGLY workout from the beta alanine. got a nice pump but nothing outa the ordaniary.

  3. Im here with ya.

    I have JW(2 bottles),BAM, PROA, and Restore sitting in my room but I've been nervous to start.

    Whats your diet look like? You going clean bulk or dirty just to grab the poundage?

    Any specific training routine your following ( HST, WSB, Ripptoes, etc. )

    Get it done brother

  4. diet is about 6k cals spread throughout 6-7 meals. 450g protein unrestricted carbs and minimal fats.

    following my own routine which consists of mainly a light / heavy rep week alot of basic lifts and some isolations thrown in every once ina while..

    ok so i guess ill update it then lol. its day 4 so nothing to report from the mfx or JW but the green mag / beata A has giving me a slight strength boost and a serious endurance boost. i did 6x6 for tri's yesterday and barely felt burned. i ended up doin 4x10 of dips with a plate on my legs to rip up tri's and still even after that i fealt i cud do more.

    weight this morning was 242 but i feel like im shirnking, mainly due to the fact that my stretch marks on my bi's and tri's are not that deep red anymore unless when im lifting.

  5. Holy kcals batman, 6k!

    Are you a serious ecto? or just serious about throwing on mass?

  6. im meso. im heavy tho so i need the cals and i got a fast metab. also idc about gaining a little fat.

  7. Day 10. havent really noticed much up until yesterday

    Strength- increased slightly.

    Muscle Mass/Fullness- fullness is up a little bit, so is hardness, not anything surprising

    Alpha Male feeling- im energetic all day, i have stim like energy with no stims. strange..

    Libido- way way up only around my wifey and not any other time, again strange

    Pumps- getting better, still not juice-like

    Sides- acne on back/shoulders/traps got worse... also increased BP. its 160/80. I seem to have Isolated systolic hypertension which was probably caused by the tamoxifen, im not too concerned with it.

    Endurance- endurance is up some days down others. last chest/bi workout was decent but tomorow hopefully will better.

    cuts/vascularity- vascularity is up slightly not sure from what. shoulder/tricep veins are more prevelant

  8. whats your thoughts on the green mag?

    I thought you werent taking the tamox until weeks 8-12?

  9. green mag so far is iite, it tastes pretty good and doesnt mess with my stomach. uh i just came off cycle pct thats y i was on tamox and it stays in ur blood stream for a while after u stop taking it. today my bp was 140/70.

  10. I really want to take this JW/BAM/PROA but im nervous about it since i already tend to hold fat in my chest the last thing i want to do is get gyno

  11. Quote Originally Posted by JDF View Post
    I really want to take this JW/BAM/PROA but im nervous about it since i already tend to hold fat in my chest the last thing i want to do is get gyno
    I want to take my Jungle warfare but i'm stil anxious about the gyno issue seen as tho i build up prolactin quite easily....i believe.

    Puffy nips are a biatch

  12. sofar i havent noticed any type of gyno/estrogen/prolac but some hairloss

  13. <10 days and your experiencing hair loss?

    are you prone to MPB?

  14. man my hair is a disaster ive recently just been buzzing it. i duno my family history but yea i would assume so lol.

  15. day 16 and all i gota say is HELL YEA!

    chest / bi's today SICK workout, this stuff gives me the same pumps as test

    Strength- up in every lift, was curling with 60's and benched 350 3x6 today

    Muscle Mass/Fullness- fuller/thicker then b4 i started

    Alpha Male feeling- im a beast, feeling very cocky all day

    Libido- way way up BUT STILL only around the wifey and not any other time, i duno y its buggin me tho.

    Pumps- good, juice like pumps

    Sides- acne on back/shoulders/traps got worse!! My Bp is down to 140/75 which is very good. mood swings here and there.

    Endurance- endurance is way up

    cuts/vascularity- vascularity is about the same, shoulder's and triceps veins are more prevelant

  16. day 23 or 24? lol

    Strength- strength is definitly up, 120lb dumbell inclines 6x12 today

    Muscle Mass/Fullness- feeling fuller, its not like aas but its good

    Alpha Male feeling- feeling normal

    Libido- way up

    Sides- acne on face increasing.. lame

    pumps- good

    Endurance- WAYYYY up, im liking it, the wifey is not shes sore

    How i look (cuts/vascularity)- i can see that im holding water.... probly the JW ( hormone wtf ? ) and vascularity is sick as always. new vein in upper chest and new vein in mid bicep.

    weight today 246.8

  17. Quote Originally Posted by nephilim666 View Post
    Endurance- WAYYYY up, im liking it, the wifey is not shes sore

    hahaha...that a boy

  18. Nice stack, bro! That looks SICK!!!

    Glad you are liking what is going on so far. It's definitely good to get fuller and to feel that "alpha male" kick in. It's like you want to dominate everything in site!!!

    Good going, bro. And by the way - that's one helluva screen name!! HA!!!
    -RecoverBro Zombie Specialist and Paracord Wrangler
    -Independent due to lies that hurt my family. Loyal to myself and my Bro's.

  19. i agree with u on that 1 lol. im surprised this is working for me its just waht i neededd to bridge and let the gh start kicking in. this Sn is actualy not my idea my younger cus made it for me and he knew i was a bodybuilder so he lets me use it, i use it actualy all the time now seeing as he got lazy and stopped lifting.

  20. which JW do you have; red or green bottle?

  21. red and i can tell that its a hormone lol. its mild as hell. im holding a little water and i get the same pumped all day feeling as Dbols.


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