JW, AP, Pslin, DCP. Just the results

  1. JW, AP, Pslin, DCP. Just the results

    I ran Junglewarfare, Anabolic Pump, Pslin and DCP for 35 days.

    I started this stack weighing at (staggering between) 220lbs-222lbs.

    I ended this stack weighing (staggering between) 227lbs-230lbs.

    Estimated 7lbs - 10lbs gain, no change in percent body fat by the end of the cycle. I did fluctuate slightly during, but I am currently where I started off. My width and thickness is unmistakably notable, compared to when I started this stack.

    5'10, 230lbs, 20% body fat.

    I had BIA, Skin Calipers and Hydrostatic Weighing (under water weighing). I have access to an exercise physiology research lab, so the water weighing was free for me.

    Now it's time for the cutting phase

  2. nice gains man...good luck on the cut i hope all goes well
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by bolt10 View Post
    nice gains man...good luck on the cut i hope all goes well
    Thanks. Now I have to revamp my cardio and strict diet mentality. It was nice having a looser diet (and no cardio) during my bulk.

  4. VERY impressive.
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