Poll: how much muscle do u think i can put on in 2 months

Ohhh Noooo Here It Goes!!!! Kings Doing It Again!!!!!!

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  1. ps i love the last picture cracks me up

  2. solid log so far bro... is that acne all over your back? stuff must be workin!

  3. this stuff does work and very well!!, im noticing great pumps in the gym all around sense of well being its great im trying to get to 205 7% hopfully by the start of the summer, its probably a 12lbs muscle gain to where im at now (200lb on a good day) so when i say 12 i mean im also gonna be needing to loose say 10lbs of fat, im considering adding some ghrp-6 to help put on the weight maybe throw in some peg-mgf 250mcg 2x week just to aid in recovery and growth if i decide to go the peptide route ill be looking at a much greater number than 205 but i wanna see where i can take it with the stack i got going now. im going through roughly 3500-4000 daily 400gr protein 500gr carbs



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