usp log bulking

  1. usp log bulking

    ive been on and off with ap, super cissus, powerful, and v12, due to liver complications for the past few weeks. since ive quit taking protien shakes ive been feeling much better, and im not constantly on the john. ive been lifting like crazy getting lightheaded after every lift. my motivation and lifts have become alot better. im lifting more sort of doing the 5x5 routine, kind of. in the past few weeks ive already got my bench up from 225x5 to 245x5. i also have been doinsquats every few days, and deadlifts once a week. i do feel as though ive been leaning out a bit, my girlfriend doesnt think so but i have. ive been eating a sh*t load more and eating oats twice a day. sometimes its hard to time everything out according to the timing on the label, but i get close. ive also gained about 7lbs. not too bad. will keep you all posted on how it goes. any additions you think i might need go for it, i can use more ideas. ill try anything.... legal.

  2. im not sure what it is but some days im not as motivated and dont really get intense with my workouts. i was wondering if it is because of the timing after i eat to my preworkout supps? not sure. but ive been leaning out and lifting alot more, ap is working great. ill keep posting on my progress

  3. ive been in vegas for awhile so i havent had a chance to work out, and with my busy class schedule. but im back on track, i ordered a few more things and im taking some protein wieghtgainer, ill see how it works this time.

  4. been taking some protein/weightgainer, im seeing some gains. also squated 495x5 i thought i was gonna fall over when i picked the bar up. pretty intense workout though. so far so good. no problems with the protein, just letting out the gas of a dying corpse. also bench last week i maxed at 285x1 havent maxed out for awhile but i was feeling pretty darn good bout it.

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