Spontaneous Ab-bustion

  1. Spontaneous Ab-bustion

    I've been bulking on JW, AP, Pslin for a month, with DCP, Sesamin Oil, Fish Oil as my adipose line backers. I'd put on 10lbs so far in 30 days, from 220lbs-22lbs to 228lbs-230lbs and I'd felt bloated for most of the time. I completely stopped doing abs because I've been experiencing that bulky look feeling.

    I did BIA tests last week, girth measurements Monday, today I did skin caliper measurements and next week I do under water weighing.

    Because I was doing the skin caliper test shirtless, when I got home I took my shirt off for a look at myself just to see what other people were seeing (it was an athletic center, ripped guys, super hot athletic chicks in sports bras). I was mentally prepared to see One Ab, because I've felt so bulky for the past few weeks, but I had pretty prominent top abs, good serratus, top abs were nicely caged by the lower ribs, and there were signs of the upper portion of the obliques. I don't know where this came from...????

    Maybe my stack has finally decided to get along for the past week or so and I didn't know it?

  2. probably the Pslin helping u dispose of carbs easier. also try avoiding heavy carbs within 4 hours of sleeping i find that helps me keep that muscular look while bulking.

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