1. bC's Get RIPPED or DIE TRY'IN LOG

    So, after a few ph cycles, a few CEE/AEE stacks and postcycle recoveries. I've decided its time to get me ripped. Excess fat and dirty bulking and definitely made me unhappy in the long run.

    Goal - To increase health, definition, hardness of muscle. and the infamous 6'er **which for the past couple years I never wanted**

    Diet - will be low-calories, low fat, rich in protein and mild carbs. Anywhere from 1.5k - 2k a day

    Workout Regimine - 1 on - 1 off
    I have access to the P90x program, you've probably seen it on TV. The difference is, I write down the workouts and do them at my gym then my strength training. I will alter it for after, so I can strenght train at full potential

    Day 1 Shoulder / P90x chest & back - Ab Ripper X
    Day 2 Plyometrics - OFF
    Day 3 Legs / P90x Shoulders & Arms - Ab Ripper X
    Day 4 P90x Yoga X -OFF
    Day 5 Arms P90x Legs & Back - Ab Ripper X
    Day 6 P90x Kenpo X - OFF
    Day 7 Chest & Back / P90x X Stretch
    Day 8 OFF

    Im at 192lbs.
    est. BF 16%

  2. You might want to rething doing shoulders the day after triceps, you are going to fatigue the triceps on day 3 and they are your secondary muscles for day 4. Just a suggestion. Good luck.

  3. I have readjusted, this should be fine now. The p90x workouts are more cardiovascular the strength, therefore, they haven't brought much trouble as of yet.
  4. Day 1 of 90 - Feb. 12th, 2008

    Day 1 Leg / P90x chest & back - Ab Ripper X

    I began this regimine before the adjustments made above. I will just swap shoulder w/ Legs this week, and continue as it is listed.
    I also did the p90x first, which was my mistake but I couldn't help to try it out, then followed by legs.

    I ate approximately 1500 calories.
    Was not able to do cardio due to gym being PACKED! It was rush hour.

    The p90x was definitely was extreme very exhausting. I perform the tasks at my gym at my pace rather then as it is instructed. This program definitely leaves me lightheaded and winded.

    I went on to legs, lifted heavy as I usually do, and pushed it a lil bit more as well.
  5. Day 2 of 90

    Day 2 Plyometrics - OFF

    One thing I will say is this is ****ing difficult. This is exhausting, consistant hour of movement.

    Heart rate was kept at 160-174 at all times.

    Took extended breaks as long as heart rate was still elevated.

    It is still earlier but diet will be followed. The perks of being in school and living at home is your mom gives you the ATM card and says go GROCERY SHOPPING. So, I plan on stopping by the deli tonight!!! MEAT MEAT MEAT

  6. Program looks good man, good luck!

  7. Thanks bro, lets tear up Day 3!!! god this ****s evil!

  8. Day 3 Legs / P90x Shoulders & Arms - Ab Ripper X

    I did a normal strength training on shoulders - Ab Ripper X - My cardio consistetd of 45 minutes. Pretty, much got my endurance back up. REALLy STOKED.
  9. Day 4, 5 of 90

    Update for 4, 5. Followed Routine, will stay with kenpo, today throwing in som cardio. Since Valentine day, diets been alright, monitored but not where I want it to be.

    Im going stick better to my diet, then throw in the cardio. I accomplished 4 miles in 45 minutes w/ HIIT training. It was fun, I huffed and puffed for 2 minutes while cooling down, but I felt after the cool down I could of done it again. I usually run @ home on the treadmill, my mom forked out about 2k on one. Its got Cable TV on it, ipod hook ups, and a AWESOME DISPLAYfor all kinds of stuff.
  10. Unhappy

    I guess poor BC died try'in. Sadly he failed to "Bring it!"

    Rest in peace BC..rest in peace bro...you died far too young from some boring-assed DVDs thats for [email protected] sure. We'll never forget you man...never!

  11. haha, nah I got a new job, it is impossible to have that much freetime. Im still in the cutting game. The GF says she liked me when I was more "buff" but I kept this up for about 3-4 weeks.
  12. Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by TheeBC View Post
    haha, nah I got a new job, it is impossible to have that much freetime. Im still in the cutting game. The GF says she liked me when I was more "buff" but I kept this up for about 3-4 weeks.
    I downloaded the plyometrics & the core videos just to see what it was about...

    ...it looks like it is "keep the body in motion" cardio for 50 minutes on a calorie deficit...

    ...seems like a structured way to go about aerobics/circuit training.

    Thanks for the update bro.

  13. Yeah, thats how I got mine. Its hard dude. phew!


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