Let There Be Veins

  1. Let There Be Veins

    this is gona be out of order i just ordered the venom tri lean kit with tyrogen x ontop of all that il be adding napalm i let everyone no how things go

  2. Nice, keep us updated.

  3. this stack is amazing the first 3 days i felt like i was drugged up but now im on day 5 and i feel great im down 9 lbs im shure alot of water weight however ive been drinking 2.5 g a day starting stats were 230 so im sitting at 221 now well im out for now but i let you know how things are going in a few more days

  4. diet is very strict for i am consuming 2 power bars 2 20 gram protein shakes one before and after workout tons of plain salad and about a pound of grilled chicken 2 peices of whole weat bread everyday no variation

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