H-drol(clone), trisorbagen, and N.O. Explode

  1. H-drol(clone), trisorbagen, and N.O. Explode

    Hey guys i was goin to run an H-drol, trisorbagen, and no explode cycle. if i take no explode pre workout, when should i take my second h-drol serving. Also, trisorbagen says to take 3 times with the prohomone in which you are taking. If i only take h-drol twice a day, when shoulod my third serving of trisorbagen be?
    I understand that these questions my not be the esiest to answer. Also any other information regarding similar cycles and post cycle would be greatly appreciated.:bb:

  2. take superpump 250 as pre-workout. thats my favorite over No-xplode. also formadrol is a good PCT. just space out the trisorbagen between morning afternoon and night. let me know how the h-drol goes! best of luck.

  3. How old are you?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by matthew76 View Post
    How old are you?
    hey man i tried findin that neovar you were talking about and was unsuccessful. every where i drove to was out so i bought a special on superpump250 & sizeOn instead. loging it so well see what happens.

  5. Ummm, have you ever heard of ****************? That's the only place to buy from, really!

  6. And damn dude, you put money in the pocket of men who don't deserve it! How much did you spend on Size On/SP250?

  7. they ran a special i bought superpump for $38 and they gave me sizeon free with it. so i though it was a good deal? may have been tricked? yeah i was anxious so i let that get the best of me.

  8. What is your age and where is the serm?

  9. serm?????????


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