NEW LOG (P-Slin,Havoc,AX Perfect Cycle,VasoCharge, etc..)

  1. NEW LOG (P-Slin,Havoc,AX Perfect Cycle,VasoCharge, etc..)

    I've Been on this cycle for a week and I already see tremendous gains and awesome strength. This is by far the best stack I've taken. So far everything has been good but I would love your opinion before I go any further. I'll be keeping this Log updated. Starting Monday. Thanks

    Do I need SERM in this cycle? Heres how i've been taking it

    Before Workout

    Week 1: 20mg
    Week 2: 20mg
    Week 3: 40mg
    Week 4: 40mg

    I'll be taking P-slin Every fifteen minutes before workout

    VasoCharge with WMS


    8:50pm (Im at the gym at this time.)
    White flood, Sizeon w/Xtend

    After Workout

    Whey Protein (2)
    WMS Carb Slam
    Perfect Cycle

    Note: I would be taking 2 tablets of AX Perfect Cycle 2 times a day

  2. Do you mean that the pslin is before your WMS and vasocharge?

  3. I'll be taking VasoCharge with WMS first at 8:20pm and then Pslin at 8:35pm. How you think the cycle looks? Thanks for your reply

  4. Dude you don't know anything about what your doing do you..? I'm not going to answer the steroid part of your log, BUT you need to take the pslin 15 min BEFORE your carbs. Not after.

  5. thanks for your reply. I will def start doing it, just wasn't to sure. Is not that i don't know anything; I've heard good gains and so far everything has been going good. I am about to hit the gym tonight and right after I get out. I'll post up my results for the day. I am trying to contribtue to the community and I will also like others to give me advice, thats basically why we are all here for. thanks guys. feel free to leave any feedbacks thanks.

  6. Feb 11 2008


    Flat Bench Press
    110lbs x 10reps
    210lbs x 6 reps
    220lbs x 4 reps

    Incline Bench Press
    110lbs x 10 reps
    180lbs x 8 reps
    210lbs x 6 reps

    Decline Bench Press
    110lbs x 10 reps
    180lbs x 8 reps
    210lbs x 6 reps

    Incline Press Hammer Machine
    270lbs x 10 reps
    320lbs x 8 reps
    390lbs x 6 reps

    Pectoral Fly Machine
    100lbs x 12 reps
    150lbs x 10 reps
    170lbs x 6 reps

    3 sets x 12 reps

    triceps pulldown weight machine
    80lbs x 12 reps
    85lbs x 10 reps
    95lbs x 6 reps

    Reverse Cable Tricep Extensions
    80lbs x 12 reps
    85lbs x 10 reps
    90lbs x 8 reps

    What a workout I had today! Never felt better, I was really pushing it today. Everyone thought I was going crazy at the gym; I had a couple of people come up to me on what I am taking; hehe. I've been on this cycle for a week and 3 days and I love the results. So far no side effects and I love the feeling I can't describe it Everytime I work out I can feel the tremendous pump, Pslin is working like it should be. Vasocharge is doing it's job by keeping me pumped up and also the creatine. I am going to order Nolvadex tomorrow for my post cycle thearpy thanks to
    wrasslin116 for the help. I keep this log updated tomorrow. good night

  7. Day 2

    Wow, I woke up this morning and I never had a better morning yet. My abs shows way more and my body looks pretty good. I use to hate morning because I don't know.... I felt weak and so did my body. THe only side effect i had was last night going to bed. I think it was because of the vasocharge. i still felt like i had alot of energy and didn't feel like sleeping.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by benro1d View Post
    thanks for your reply. I will def start doing it, just wasn't to sure. Is not that i don't know anything; I've heard good gains and so far everything has been going good.
    Did you think of maybe reading the directions on the box of pslin?

  9. Looking lean man! And yes a serm is highly advisable

  10. what's up joebo. Yes I have, PSlin isn't the problem. THe problem I had was not having my SERM Ready. I already ordered what I need. I am going to hold off Havoc until I get them.

    Thanks! and yes, this stack is unbelievable. kinda upset that im going to have to hold off on havoc. Better be in the safe side. But once I get it I can't def wait and see the results.

    I don't know about today because here in Jersey it's snowing alot and its real Icy. Hopefully it stops so I can hit the gym tonight.

  11. Whats your stats?(height weight years training)

  12. 5'11 155lbs almost 2 years working out.

    Well today's weather is horrible. I did not goto the gym so I'll be doing some push-ups and ab workout at home. Really hate not going to the gym but I'll make it up by going on Saturday. My body still feels good and still looking leaner then ever.

  13. Feb 13 2008

    Today I worked on my back and arms. I'll be posting the results tomorrow since it's pretty late. But wow, what a awesome day I had today! I love love this stack, everytime I hit the gym I am always ready to do some crazy lifting. I had like 4 people come up to me asking me what im taking. The results with this stack is amazing. It starts working quick which i loved about it. I had to stop taking havoc because I am waiting for my SERM products.

    Side Effect so Far:
    I feel some sort of pain on my back, not to serious.

  14. Your supposed to wait at least till you are 21 to do steroids and you should wait even longer.Be safe man


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