Neoborn's "Non Scientific Relaxed Review" of Sustain Alpha

  1. Neoborn's "Non Scientific Relaxed Review" of Sustain Alpha

    Reviewer: Neoborn

    Product: Sustain Alpha

    Company: Primordial Performance

    Where Can I Find This Product?: Nutraplanet & Pp Website

    Product Claims:

    • Sustain Alpha is a topically applied product that can block estrogen and increase testosterone. Sustain Alpha is designed as a hormonal optimizer for long-term use. By safely and effectively blocking estrogens and stimulating the hormonal pathways, Sustain Alpha can help increase the primary male androgen – Testosterone. This may help increase energy, lean muscle, libido, and sexual performance.

    • Sustain Alpha serves as our most powerful product for encouraging the bodies own production of testosterone and rejuvenation of hormone production.

    • Sustain Alpha is positively correlated to increase virility, and improve erectile function by antagonizing estrogens and stimulating the body’s natural production of testosterone.

    ~ Review ~

    I was very intrigued to see how this product faired after my pulse cycle that I was planning on running. I wanted to see how the natural serms deliver on their claims. Knowing the quality products that Pp puts out I had no problem jumping at the chance to review their products.

    I wasn't shutdown hard but my testicles were noticably smaller. No problems with erections, semen volume or libido on cycle.

    ~ First Impressions ~

    The package arrived very quickly. I was impressed by the quickness of delivery. Upon receving the product I opened the box and was pleasantly suprised to find quality packaging and even more so with the quality of the pump mechanism supplied. Love it! I haven't tried the spray just because I prefer to slap it on, rub it in and go, not spray 50 million sprays

    ~ Cons ~

    • Only one bottle of this stuff
    • Sausage / garlic / moth ball smelling liquid
    • Price is a little steep for me even at NP

    ~ Pros ~

    • Liquid Texture Rich Creamy & Good Consistency (Not Too Runny)
    • Fast Acting - Started feeling libido boost from product within days!
    • Full Testical Restoration - Boys back to normal size (perhaps a lil larger) within 1 bottle
    • Skin - Skin was noticeably healthier from where I was applying this stuff. Now this could be coincidence as I was doing several different things that could have helped my skin become healthier and softer.
    • Testosterone - Definitely felt hornier and made good gains in the gym

    ~ Conclusion ~

    I am very satisfied that this product does what it claims right along a product such as Epistane. I have no doubts about using this product for PCT etc. All in all I think it's a lovely product that does what is neccessary in a good time frame. I would have no problem running this on a constant basis. Again which I have mentioned before I think the price bracket for this product would be phenomal around $29.99 - $35.00. I think this price would make it more appealing for those on a tight financial budget. Please don't get me wrong, this product is worth every penny and I am sure the cost of production is quite high for all the high quality ingredients it contains.

    Much love to Primordial Performance for cutting edge products....that work!

    End rating: Solid 8.5/10
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  2. I'll be keeping an eye on this.

  3. nice summary

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