Halveye's Epistane Recovery (PCT)

  1. Halveye's Epistane Recovery (PCT)

    Hows it. I have been running Epistane along with DHEA, creatine and a whole slew of other support type supplements for the last 6 weeks. I initially only wanted to run the Epistane for 4 weeks, but the strength gains were addicting. Jumping 10 to 15 pounds a week on my lifts was very addicting. I ended up running Epi for 6 weeks at 20,30,40,40,40,40. Roughly 1.5 bottles of Epi. I was running a low dose of 50mg of DHEA with it. I ended up gaining atleast 5 pounds of muscle if not more. Weight gain can be misleading, because the overall weight gain wasn't significant, but I could noticeably see changes in my physique. Yet, the strength gains were what I really noticed. I felt like a titan while on Epi. It was a great feeling, and I didn't ever have any side effects of any kind, so I was pleased. I also didn't notice any lethargy like many complain about. I guess it depends on the person. I am now, as of last Wed., starting my post cycle therapy of:

    Formadrol Extreme,
    Sustain Alpha,
    Grape seed extract,
    Fish oil,
    milk thistle,
    Liveraid (protective enzymes),
    saw palmetto,
    cranberry extract,

    I am currently at around 220 and would like to stay at this weight or possibly gain a couple of pounds. I like the Sustain Alpha. It has a good texture, like a moisturizer, but the smell is less than desirable. It reminds me of sausage, or cat shampoo with flea meds. Its bearable, but I hope they switch the formula and make it smell like anything besides sausage. It can be a bit itchy too, but bearable. I think its itchy because I have a lot of hair on my chest. I put 2 pumps on the abdomen, 2 pumps in the genital region (on testicles), and 1 pump on my chest.
    I will probably note any major weight changes, changes in libido, strength changes, etc. I didn't have any negative side effects from Epi. even at week 6, so the recovery should be fairly mild in terms of noticing an increase in this or that, which you would if you had a whole slew of negative sides from Epi. or whatever you are taking. I would like to see my strength stay where it is though. I like being able to rep 315 on flat bench. Epi. really helped me blow through a lot of plateaus. If you have any questions on my initial cycle, it is under Epistane, DHEA, Creatine in this forum. Peace out.

  2. Hows it. I thought I would comment on the Sustain Alpha that I am using. I like the supplement. It has a good texture, like a moisturizer that is easy to rub into the skin. I use 2 pumps on the abs, 2 on the testicles, and 1 on the chest. Aside from the smell of sausages, I can truly say that the stuff has increased my libido even more than when I was on Epi. The only negative side I am noticing is a bit of itching where I apply the sustain alpha. I can deal with it, but I was wondering if this is odd or normal. Peace out.

  3. Hows it. Yeah, I just found out that the new batch of Sustain Alpha has a better smell, and is suitable for individuals with sensitive skin, so if you get the new batch, it should be better. I had a great lift today, even after being off of Epi for 3 days, and on Sustain Alpha for about 4 days, along with Formadrol Extreme. I only had time to do 2 lifts, supersetted, but overall a great lift.

    Squats (Deep, Hams to Calves):
    265-2 (I'm still using the same weight as on Epi, and actually went up 5 pounds on my last set)

    EZ Bar Curls:

    Short but intense workout.....only had about a 1/2 hour before the gym closed. Libido is up, which is great. All in all PCT is going well so far. Peace out.

  4. Hows it. I am currently about a week into my PCT, and am feeling pretty good. The itchiness associated with the Sustain Alpha isn't quite as bad as it was initially, and the red bumps and such from itching are starting to subside. I'm hoping the itchiness will completely go away, but it probably wont. I am still having intense workouts though, which is great. The last workout that I had, I was able to handle the same weights on Inc. Bp. as well as Leg press, as I was while on Epi. at week 6, so the strength gains are staying, which tells me that my PCT is working well. The weight is still around 220 which is where I want to be, and I may actually throw in some more cardio to cut a little fat. Tonight I am going to go and do a shoulder workout, which should be pretty intense. Peace out.

  5. is your libido/erection quality gone or is it still good because i know prosteroids like epi can f you up pretty bad

  6. Hows it. Yeah, while on Epistane, my libido/ erection, was amazingly high, along with all of the strength. Now that I am off Epi. my libido/erection are not as high as before, but really not much less or about the same as before I even started Epi. Its just that while on Epi. they were extremely high, so now it just feels normal. Of course, I am using Formadrol E. and Sustain A., and those supplements are increasing my body's natural Testosterone levels by basically turning my testes back on, which is a side effect that any Prohormone/Designer steroid etc. will do (shut down your body's own testosterone production). But, truly, from my own experiences with Epi. in my last cycle, I have found that Epi. is fairly mild with respect to shut down, while giving fantastic results. Epistane has my vote.

    With respect to my current regimen of PCT, I am still feeling great, and actually took one day off of Sustain A. due to the itch, but used it again today and feel fine actually. Its just that the current irritation was becoming unbearable there for a while. I find that if you have the problem with the itch, you should probably put the Sustain A. on prior to your workout about an hour or so, then workout, and approximately 5 hours after the initial application, take a shower. This kind of works for me to halt the constant itching all day long. I've been using a Benadryl Spray if the itching is too bad.

    My workouts are still going strong, and this was my main concern going off of Epi., (keeping the strength gains).
    I did a short workout today with my back.

    T-bar rows:

    Low Pulls (Cable) CG:

    Short, but intense workout. Peace out.

  7. Hows it. Good lift today. Have decided to knock up my dosage of Formadrol E. to 3 a day instead of 2. This should start to help with the recovery even more. To tell you the truth, my skin isn't as irritated as is has been to the Sustain A. I guess I am getting used to it. It still itches, just not as bad.

    Workout today:


    Wtd. Pullups WG:
    Would've probably went longer and did more, but gym closed early, and was feeling pretty tight in the upper back.

    Peace out.

  8. Hows it. Did a short but intense workout today. Short due to time constraints. I had a solid hour, which was long enough to finish a good bench press workout. I am currently at about week 2 of PCT, going into week 3 after Wen. I feel good, especially after application of Sustain Alpha. The itch isn't very bad now, so thats a definite plus. Amazingly with the Formadrol E. and Sustain A., I am using pretty much the same amount of weight on all of my lifts as I was while using Epi., which I figured they would wane after stopping Epistane. This tells me that my gains from Epi. were solid and real, not just chemically induced spurts of power. I kid you not, every lift went up at least 15 pounds if not more on lifts such as T-bar Row and Squats. I will definitely be using Epi. again in a couple of months. I'll probably take a rest in between my PCT and my next cycle. It will be good for the body. Currently using 3 pills of Formadrol E. and 5 pumps of Sustain A.

    Bench Press:
    WU (bar-10, 95-10, 135-5, 185-2, 235-1, 255-1)
    315-1+1 Assisted
    (Since using Epi., I have been going up 10 pound increments instead of 5, and it seems to work)
    CD(Cool Down)


    I would have liked to have performed some more lifts, but the gym closed, so I will finish my chest workout tomorrow. I was happy that my strength gains were still there, and so far, I think Sustain A. along with Formadrol E. is a good stack for recovery. Peace out.

    P.S. If your interested to see what gains I made in strength while on Epi, check out my "Epistane, DHEA, Creatine" log.

  9. Hows it. Been a little busy lately, but have been hitting the gym nonetheless. Although, not going as much as I would like. My schedule over the last couple of weeks has forced me to sort of stretch a week over a week and a half. It is probably good, just to let my body recoup a bit. Theres a lot of sickness going around and I definitely don't want to get sick. With respect to S. Alpha and Formadrol Extreme, I feel as though everything is in check. I haven't gotten sick, my testes seem to be back to normal, and I am still lifting the same amount as I was while on Epi. which is great. The itching that I encountered early on is all but gone (except around my legs) and I usually feel great after putting the Sustain Alpha on. I've thrown in a different creatine mix since I can't find my usual at W-mart, so I am using a high sugar mix, which I really don't like, but it will do for now. Reminds me of Cell-tech which I didn't like. Going to hit a back workout tonight, which should be pretty intense. T-bars, Wtd pull-ups, low pulls, shrugs. Will probably hold off on Deadlifts till tomorrow, then start my schedule over on Friday with Chest. Next week I have 2 exams and a Med school interview at IU, so I probably will take most of next week off, and call it a recoup week. I hate to do it, but I have no other choice, too much going on right before spring break. Just recently got my Mustang back after a new fuel pump, distributor assembly, ball joint in front end and a new seal on a rear axle. That one hit the check book hard, but needed a car that runs. The Formadrol will be ran for approximately 4 more days, and I will run the rest of the Sustain Alpha until it is empty which should be another week and a half or so. Well, peace out.

  10. goodluck bro unfortunatly i dont think you will be seeing 315 soon for a little bit you will loose a bit of strength, its unfortunate but it will happen

  11. Hows it. Thanks King. Yeah, I usually expect to lose strength gains after a cycle, but I've been off of Epi. for about a month, and am now going into my last week of PCT, and I am still actually gaining strength. I'm not gaining as fast as I was while on Epi., but I am still making gains on PCT and staying at about the same weight of 220. I feel pretty solid still too. I am sure that after I stop my PCT, my gains will taper off a bit, but overall, my strength gains have been pretty constant over the last 10 weeks or so, starting with Epi. for 6 weeks and PCT of Sustain Alpha and Formadrol Extreme for about 4 weeks. Overall this has been the best cycle I have ever run, even better than in the days of M1T and Mag10, with fewer side effects by far. The only true side effect that I noticed was slight testicular atrophy, which one should expect while taking anything that jacks up your testosterone levels synthetically. Today I performed a bench press workout of about 14 sets (including Warm ups and Cool downs)

    Bench Press:
    Warm ups (6 sets)
    Cool downs (3 sets)


    Didn't have much time today, so will finish up my chest workout tomorrow. Just curious, does anyone have a good supplement in mind that I could use after my PCT that will keep my Test. high naturally and still allow my body to recuperate until I start another cycle of Epi in a couple of months. Peace out.

  12. drive or mass fx both good


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