DS Adrenalean Feedback

  1. DS Adrenalean Feedback

    Over on bb.com, I've been logging my 3 day sample of Designer Supplements Adrenalean. I haven't seen too much feedback for this stuff over here on AM, so I figured I'd post up a bit of a review thread for the folks over here. Anyways, I'll just cut and past what I've got over there for now...

    Thanks to DS for the Adrenalean samples. I'm quite the stimulant junkie, and am always looking for new ones to play with. I'll start the thread off with some info about myself, and a bit of a supplement "resume".

    AGE: 26
    Height: 5-10
    Weight: ~185

    Personal Background/Experience: I began training in high school for football and cross country. I was a distance runner, and trained mainly for endurance. Freshman year of college I really began to change my training protocol and adopted more of a powerlifting routine. Currently, my goals have evolved to a more of a constant recomp. I'm more interested in maintaining a good physique and healthy lifestyle than achieving the really heavy lifts.

    Education: Currently have a BS in Exercise Science, an MS in nutrition, and am in my 3rd year of medical school.

    Diet: My diet is typically right around the 40 carbs/35 protein/25 fat ratio. I tweak it every once and a while depending on how my body responds to the current training protocol. If I'm dieting, I'll usually lower the carbs a bit and increase the protein/fat numbers while lowering total calories within a couple hundred of maintenance.

    Current Routine:
    Monday: Back
    Tuesday: Chest/Abs
    Wednesday: Off
    Thursday: Legs
    Friday: Shoulders/Abs
    Sat: Biceps/Triceps
    Sun: off

    Cardio around 4-5 days per week, right after resistance training.

    Current Supplements:
    Whey protein
    Fish oil
    Sesamin oil
    Clear Edge
    Whatever caffeine/stimulant I grab in the morning.

    I've got quite a bit of experience with both OTC (supplement) and pharmaceutical stimulants.

    Supplement Experience (that I can remember):
    Twinlab Ripped Fuel (original)
    Stacker (original)
    Cytodyne xenadrine (original)
    MT hydroxycut (original)
    ....and many other old school ECA products

    Syntrax Adipokinetix (original)
    Adipokinetix (new stuff)
    Ergopharm Amp
    Thermolife Stizm
    VPX Redline
    ALRI Venom
    AX Stim-x (original and 2.0)
    SNS Focus XT
    Gaspari Cytolean
    DS Basic Cuts

    Non-supplement "stimulants":

    Psedoephedrine HCL
    Ephedrine HCL/sulfate
    Nicotine (gum)
    Betel Nut (natural source of arecoline)
    Various other herbal stimulants
    ...probably more that I'm not thinking of.

  2. First Dose...

    I've never really been fond of using stimulants as "fat burners". I do however, find them to be extremely effective as a pre-workout boost and to improve cognitive performance while studying. For this reason, I tend to look more for stimulants which provide good clean energy without the jittery "cracked out" feeling that a lot of the "dirtier" stimulants on the market tend to provide.

    My first dose of Adrenalean was the suggested 3 capsules, pre workout. I was quite pleased with my initial dose. I noticed a very clean stimulant feeling, with no jitters/anxiety. There was a significant mood improvement, but not quite the euphoria that ritalin or adderall provides. I felt pretty talkative (similarly to amphetamines), but was still articulate. It was reminiscent of the continuous blabbering that amphetamines tend to induce.

    As far as a supplement comparison, I'd have to say that the closest thing on the market right now has got to be Gaspari's cytolean...in terms of mood elevating effects and energy. Although in my limited experience, I felt much more clear headed with the adrenalean.

    With more experience, I feel that I'll be able to provide a more accurate review of the product. Stay tuned.

  3. 2nd Dose...

    Dose (yesterday): 3 caps on empty stomach

    Taking Adrenalean on an empty stomach really sped up the onset of the product's effects (as it does with most stimulants). I didn't notice much difference in terms of overall intensity of the effects however.

    Again, I experienced a very clean non-jittery stimulation with increased mental clarity. The product doesn't really hit you hard, but rather provides a very smooth onset of effects. So far, I've experienced no crash either time that I used it.

    I noticed some significant appetite suppression (similar to that nicotine gum) as well.
  4. 3rd Dose...

    In the past with other OTC stimulants, I've experienced some unwanted peripheral NS effects (increased HR, BP, etc). This is particularly a problem with yohimbine, and sometimes with ephedrine. Nicotine tends to increase my BP to stome extent as well.

    Today I decided to log Adrenalean's effects on these vitals. Since I've just been sitting here studying, all of the values will be resting.

    Baseline resting BP: 118/76
    Resting HR: 58 BPM

    **Dose: 3 caps**

    20 minutes later...
    BP: 122/80
    HR: 62 BPM

    40 minutes later...
    BP: 120/78
    HR: 62 BPM

    1 hour later...
    BP: 122/76
    HR: 64 BPM

    2 hours later...
    BP: 118/76
    HR: 62 BPM

    From the above readings, it would appear that the suggested dose of adrenalean has negligible effects on BP and HR.

  5. Cool, let us know.
    My The 1 LOG: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/steroids/254164-my-one-log.html

  6. how did the rest of the run go?


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