All the whey samples

  1. All the whey samples

    I was also one of the 10 to make it in time to the ATW sample request email, and just got them today.

    Even just opening the envelope, the smell was fantastic. I looked through and opened one pack of cinnamon bun. If it tastes anything like it smells, its definitely going to be a staple, and I may try and work out some protein bar recipies around it. I'm going to update this first post with the additional flavors as I try them

    Peaches + Cream isolate in 8oz water - A fairly light + moderately subtle taste, but thats peaches and cream. It had just enough to identify it as peaches and cream, but not super strong. I liked it quite a bit, could definitely keeping around as a 2lb jug for occasional use. Would be really nice I think with oats, I may try that - 8/10

    Orange whey blend in 8oz water - Also a fairly light taste. A pretty decent orange. I'm waiting to try some of the vanillas, and will likely do an orange and vanilla mix to try to get that creamsicle taste. 7/10 - if the orange and vanilla works out well, that would be almost perfect for me as I can get micellar casein in vanilla to mix with the orange blend, for a good filling shake.

    Chocolate whey blend in 7oz water - since the other 2 were fairly light taste, I tried a little less water. That wasn't necessary with the chocolate. I thought jello brand chocolate pudding from the first sip. It was really nice. I need to try this one with milk. Possibly the best straight chocolate whey I have ever used. For the slight bit more this costs than the crappy store brands i've bought to save $, there is no way i'm doing it again. I'm definitely ordering a 5lber of this, and can't wait to try it in milk!. 9/10

    Chocolate orange blend in 8 oz skim milk - I was all excited for this after how excellent the chocolate was. This was a decent flavor for variety, but nothing to jump up and down about. That means I quite likely would buy it as part of a larger order order of mixed flavors, say for doing the velocity diet or some variant on it, not so sure if I would buy it for general use, since the others flavors were really nice. 6.5/10

    Orange whey isolate (2 servings) in 10oz water - This was better tastewise at this strength. It definitely has a somewhat orange creamsicle taste to it as is. I need to pick up some of that Hood milk to try it with. Even with just the water like this, it was quite nice, definitely better thicker. 7.5/10

    Cinnamon bun in 8oz of Hood Calorie Countdown Milk - Do I even need to say it? Man was this good. The hood milk definitely adds to the texture + overall creaminess, but the cinnamon bun flavor is just about perfect. Once I pick some of this up, i'm going to try and mix it with heavy cream and run it in my ice cream maker. 9.9/10, cause nothing is ever perfect but its the best tasting whey i've ever tried.

    Strawberry blend in 7oz water - I'm not a big strawberry fan in general, but there was one in the bag, so I figured I had to try it. I was happily surprised. It was a light strawberry flavor, which worked well. 7.5/10

    Chocolate mint blend in 4oz Hood milk + 3oz water - The hood milk makes them almost too thick by itself, seriously milkshake thick. Anyhow, I immediately thought York peppermint patty when I tried this. Very nice peppermit + chocolate combo. 8.5/10

    1 each of Orange and Vanilla blends in 12oz water - Was pretty yummy, was hoping for orange creamsicle, but the orange was pretty light. Was a nice combination anyhow 7.5/10

  2. You must go for the Cinnamon Bun blend next! If you haven't tried it already. It's so delicious! Toss in some oats, too. It truly is amazing.

    The Chocolate Mint isn't bad. Reminds me of the green mint chocolate chip ice cream.

    I'm drinking Banana now. It's pretty good.

    I had no idea that these powders were this great.

  3. Easy, you gotta pick up some Hood Calorie Countdown low-carb milk. It makes the protein mix thicker and seems to give whey proteins a stronger taste(flavor is increased). The Orange will tast stronger and you won't have to mix it with the vanilla.

  4. I'll take a look for that milk, i've heard a few people mention it. But I was hoping for that orange creamsicle taste, so i think with the vanilla it will get closer

  5. I definitely recommend blending some oats in with the Cinnamon Bun whey and some milk.

    I started getting hungry just now, so I decided to get creative. I cooked up some oats, put in about 4 oz. of milk, a packet of Cinnamon Bun whey, and I'm now enjoying it. Delicioso!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    I'll take a look for that milk, i've heard a few people mention it. But I was hoping for that orange creamsicle taste, so i think with the vanilla it will get closer
    You will definitely get that taste with the orange mixed with hood calorie countdown. You can get that milk at Wally-world near the soy-milk. I have an older review of the orange from all the whey. I'll see if I find it and link it up here...

    Here it is,

    Orange is Excellent!

    Luckily I don't have that insect problem anymore! Hahaha!. Anyway, it really is good with hood calorie countdown milk.

  7. T-bone is right btw, the calorie countdown milk makes a big difference in any whey. Really adds some creaminess to any of them. I tried it with some muscle milk light chocolate peanut butter, it was phenomenal


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