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    hey guys here is the stack I'm going to be running. I start today.
    Diesel Test Hardcore
    Ready 4 War
    Nos Presursor
    Ether 2010 this on sale at the planet

    I will dose the DTH at six pills a day split up in three doses to two pills. The same goes with the Nos presursor. The ether will be run at eight pills a day on workout days and four on non workouts. I'll be dosing the ready 4 war at two pills an hour before work out, three just hits me too hard. My stats are: 26 years old, 5'11'' and 205lbs at about 12-14% bodyfat. My goal is to lean out while increasing my cardio. I dabble in a little mma just for fun so most of my traning comes from that. I also lift three days a week. I'm not going to post a training log but just the effects of the stack mostly on gym preformance and body mass changes. I'll be posting every three or four days. Hope it peaks someones interest, if anyone has any questions or suggestions please chime in. I'm post some before and after pics after the stack is over. Wish me luck guys. Diesel sponsered the DTH but the rest were purchased by me. I'd like to thank him for the DTH.

  2. I wouldnt start at 6 DTH and 6 NOS Precursor....u might get 2 headaches from a really high increase in Nitric Oxide, dose it this way for the first 5 days:

    DTH 2
    NOS 2

    DTH 1
    NOS 2

    DTH 1
    NOS 0

    after about 5 days you can go to 2/2/1 DTH and 3/3 NOS Precursor or 2/2 NOS precursor, NOS Precursor and DTH stacked are really strong so Im just trying to warn you.

    You running the Ready4War 3 cap serving formula or the new 5 cap formula?

    Another option is on workout days you can take your NOS Precursor 2 am and 2-3 1 hour pre-workout with your Ready4War dose.

  3. okay thanks for telling me that I'll follow that dosing protocol. I have the 3 cap version. I bought it a week and half before the new one came out. I got the samples and liked it so I bought some. I can't wait untill it all kicks in. anymore tips are welcome. I want to get the most out of the stack.

  4. ive been getting random erections all day. i feel more motivated in he gym as well. the r4w is no joke. my advice would be to take it with some soild food like some toast or something. i took it with a shake first thing in the morning and i felt some nausea. there is a warning on the bottle about this. on monday i plan to go to full doses on the dth and nos. I plan to do some long distance running this weekend ill post how my preformance is effected by the stack.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by JGank View Post
    ive been getting random erections all day.

  6. i'm on full dosing now endurance is def up. i'm expecting better preformance in the up comming weeks at the full dosing. no real visible changes on body composition yet.

  7. The scale at the gym says I lost four pounds. I look leaner in my chest and abs. that was the main reason I got on the products. The best part of the stack has been the recovery aspect. I'm taking xtend which also helps. The nos precursor gives crazy pumps. I'm going to try 3 r4w this week and see how it feels. I've been using only two thus far. will post how it went.

  8. Anything as far as strength, or sides?

  9. i did a personal best on chest the other day. also i train a little mma here and there for fun and i feel alot stronger when i'm rolling. i can hold ppl down and push ppl off easier. i feel stonger in the clinch as well.

  10. i'm on day 25
    I've taking six dth and six nos pre. Still taking 2 r4w. I tried three and it was just too much. I can definitly feel the thermo action I sweat like a pig when I do cardio. The results have been slow and steady but as long as I'm making improvment i'm happy. I've lost four pounds so far, most of which I think is fat. I feel that the DTH is allowing me to hold on to my muscle while I do all that cardio I have been doing. I still feel very strong in the gym. It's like I can workout all day. The pump is stil here I look really full after an workout. I'll do a final review at the end of the week.


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