NP was nice enough to send me these two products as a free sample, so I'd let you guys know what I thought of them

Vasocharge (Lemonade):

Taste: 9/10

Very good flavor system, tasted like very good lemonade. As for mixability, I had a couple small clumps but nothing major, mixed pretty well overall.

Pumps: 7/10

I used it on legs/shoulder day, which I've never gotten a pump on. However, I did get a bit of a pump for the first time in these two muscles, which was a different feeling. I'll have to buy more to find out how it does with other muscles

Energy: 9/10

Stamina and overall energy was way up. Awesome

Would Buy:

Yes, probably in the near future

Cell Mass (grape)

Taste: 8/10

Hated it at first. Thought it tasted smoky (which isn't a great combination for grape, lol), but by the tame I got near the bottom, I really actually liked it and was kind of disappointed it was finished.

Not sure what else to say about a post-WO creatine mix. I'd like to see where this whole CEM3 thing goes first, but if it turns out BSN does have a CEM3 in it, I'll likely buy it