My first dance with LG P-Sarm

  1. My first dance with LG P-Sarm

    Last night was my first workout the the New P-Sarm form LG science's. Lets recap shall we......

    I took 2caps P-Sarm about 30minutes before my workout with 25gr Whey Isolate, 30gr WMS & 1 scoop Cold Fusion.

    Well right off the bat I really didn't notice anything out of the norm. I really didn't want to go to the gym. Catching 100 pitch bullpens and takeing 500swings 2 hours before you go to the gym can do that sometimes.

    Im warming up and stil not much of a difference. I get to my 4th set of Seated DB presses and look to my workout partner and say "This stuff better start working cause I really dont feel like beeing here"

    Well I then proceded to throw the 65's up for 8 solid reps. Good burn going in the delts. I proceed to go thru my workout. I usually do about 14 sets for shoulders, ecspecially beeing on a TKD I seem to hit a wall where I can't really do much more.

    My workout partner is bulking right now and we were following his routine. Thru the whole workout I stayed 2-4 reps ahead of him, we both used the same weights.

    Well we went on to do 20more sets, totalling 24 for the workout!!!! After we finished out last set of shrugs I said "Ok whats next?"

    He looked at me with this blank look, and replied "Are you kidding we just did 24 freaking sets"

    Endurance as crazy last night. I'm only eating 2,500cals/day. on a TKD, so endurance is somthing Im not really accustomed 2.

    2day my traps a little sore but for the most part feeling good. Its at dps for BOGO right now, kind of hard to pass up.

    The logs will start popping up here shortly
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  2. O and that workout was at about 6pm. I was in bed sleeping like a baby by 10:30
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

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