I have been using low dose cytomel on and off for a while know, and know exactly what to expect from it.

Today, I added my first ever dose of ALRI Venom. At first, nothing much, seemed normal. Later seemed very focused, aware of thins while driving around, and walking through campus.

Then I noticed it. the shakes. Clen like shakes, I was cutting my passport picture, and damn, shakey, almost like a nervousness with slight twitch. i had tis same problem with clen, and now just hold it until I obtain a trandermal to through it in.

The heat tingles are very nice, hopefully this will really help cut back the fat. And in a few days, I'm sure I will lose the shakes. I like this so far, will see where this goes.

as a side note, anyone use camphibolic? was thinging of throwing this into the mix?