RP/Drive/IGF-2/DCP Cut Log

  1. RP/Drive/IGF-2/DCP Cut Log

    Hey guys, new to the forum, first time posting, but have been poking around the forums a a little bit for a couple weeks, tryin to learn about as much as i can, anyways here is y 8 week log to cut, tell me what yall think.

    Beginning Stats

    Age: 19

    Sex: Male

    Height: 5’9”

    Weight: 178lbs-184lbs, weight fluctuates between the two depending on hydration/food and what I’ve been doing like lifting or MMA/Juijitsu

    Body Composition: ~17-18% body fat

    Experience: 4 years lifting experience, however been exercising for a little bit longer than that. I am a sophomore in college and on contract with the Army and I Army ROTC so I have had PT M/W/F for the past year and a half. Also currently taking MMA/Juijitsu/Boxing/Muay Thai and have for the past 6 months. Also Currently Training for the Bataan Memorial Death March Marathon in White Sands, NM and planning on entereing the Military Heavy division so this will def need to be taken into account as far as goals/training schedule.

    Past Supplements: SizeOn, SuperPump, Staples of course, Nitrix, Endurox, Trac, Lipo-6, Thermonex, Creatine Monohydrate, CLA,

    Goals: As Far as my body goes I want to lose 3-4% body fat, and add some muscle, but not really part of the goals, mainly just lose some fat. My next goal is for this stack to help me hit the 250lb mark on bench, as well as set some other pr’s on my other lifts. Next I want to up My PT score by about 15 - 20pts so hopefully this stack will help in that area. And my final goal is of course to finish at the Bataan Marathon, and hopefully do well.

    Injuries: I have developed some slight tendonitis in my elbows from early on in my mma/juijitsu training so hopefully the Super Cissus will help out in that department.
    Also currently recovering from straining my hip over my winter break so have been trying to take it easy on the hip, but should be fully recovered in 2-3 weeks.

    Start Date: 2 Feb 2008

    End Date: Supplements will end on Different Days but will all be around the same time apprxamately 8-10 weeks later, so around 2 Apr 2008 will be the finish date

    Reset A.D. – 1 bottle x (60)
    CytoLean – 1 bottle x (120)
    IGF-2 – 1 bottle x (240)
    RPM – 1 bottle x (110)
    Drive – 1 bottle x (110)
    DCP – 1 bottle x (180)
    NeoVar – 1 bottle x (240 only going to be running 1 bottle, and will be towards the end.
    SuperCissus Rx – 2 bottles x (90)


    Ester C
    Liver Care
    Fish Oil
    Flaxseed Oil
    Chromium Picolinate
    ON 100% Whey
    Essential Protein Whey/Casein Blend
    Citrulline Malate

    Will be ordering in two weeks

    1 Bottle IGF-2
    1 Bottle RPM
    1 Bottle Drive
    1 Bottle DCP
    Kwik Karb

    Normal Workout Schedule

    0615 - 0715 PT- Run
    1900 - 2130 Grappling/MMA
    2200 - 2300 Weights
    2000 – 2300 Weights and/or MMA
    0615 – 0715 PT- Ruck march or Run
    1900 – 2130 Weights and/or MMA or Rest
    1900 – 2200 Weights and/or MMA or Rest
    0615 – 0715 PT-Pushup/Situp Improvement
    2030 – 2300 Weights/Cardio or Rest
    Weights/Cardio or Rest
    8 – 18 mile Ruck march with 35lbs at range walk pace (A very brisk pace)
    Will be rucking every Sunday in Preparation for the Annual Memorial Bataan Death March Marathon
    Depending on the day Occasional go in and Lift weights Sunday Night

    I don’t lift everyday as the Schedule may seem, it just depends on how long of a day its been and if I have schoolwork to get to, so ill prolly end up getting 1-2 nights off per week, however the only day where I will have off is Saturday, and if its an off day, it means im simply not lifting/doing cardio/PT/Rucking, and will still be active either out in the field, or simply walking around outside for extended periods of time.

    The problem with this part of my cycle is that I live on campus and there for am subject to whats being served in the cafeteria, which is only open until 10 pm at night. Fortunately, we have a subway on campus making it somewhat easier to eat healthy.

    Examples of food to be eaten

    Post Early Morning PT – 2 Scoops 100% Whey in water, and small whole grain bagel with fat free cream cheese
    Breakfast – 3 eggs over easy, 2 slices of whole grain toast, Lipton Green Tea/or Orange Juice
    Lunch – 6in Subway one Wheat, Roastbeef/Chicken, all the veggies, mustard or chipotle sauce
    Mid Afternoon snack – whey/casein blend protein shake in soy milk
    Bowl of cereal of half uncle sam/half kashi lean cereal in soy milk or skim milk
    Dinner – 1 piece of meat normally chicken/steak/fish, normally not very lean, but only piece of meat can be found on campus at the time, assorted vegtables, whole wheat roll
    Post Workout meal – 2 scoops of whey in water, if im really hungry another bowl of cereal as above, or a whole wheat English muffin and all natural jelly

    Here’s where it get’s complicated and am going to need some help

    0535 Wake Up 1 Reset A.D., 2 IGF-2, 2 RPM, 2 Drive, Citrulline Malate

    0615-0715 PT

    0730 2 Scoops 100% whey, small whole grain bagel, fat free cream cheese

    Nap If I am tired

    1000 Wake up Again, 2 DCP, 2 Cytolean if needed

    1020 2 Super Cissus Rx

    1030 Breakfast 3 Eggs over easy, 2 Slices Whole grain Toast, 1 Lipton Green Tea or Orange Juice

    Post Breakfast Supplemetation Multivitamin, Antioxidant, Livercare, Ester C, Calcium, Glucosamine/Chondritin/MSM, Chromium Picolinate,

    1045-1310 Class

    1310 2 DCP, 2 IGF-2

    1345 Lunch Marinara Sauce/Alfredo Sauce, Pasta, Chicken, Vegtables, Small Salad

    Post Lunch Supplementation Fish oil, Flaxseed

    1530 1 Drive, 1 RPM, 1 Reset A.D.

    1600 Snack Bowl of Cereal or Protein Shake

    1645 2 DCP

    1715 Dinner Piece of meat 8- 12oz generally, Steamed Vegtables, steamed mushrooms, whole wheat roll

    Post Dinner Supplementation Fish oil, Antioxidants, Livercare

    1930 Pre Workout Supplementation, Citrulline Malate, 2 IGF-2

    2000 MMA
    During Workout Supplementation, Citrulline Malate, BCAA’s, Glutamine

    2130 Whole Wheat Bagel/English Muffin

    2145 Lift Weights

    2300 Post Work out Supplementation 2 Scoops 100% Whey Whole Wheat Bagel/English Muffin if hungry

    Pre-Bed Supplementation, IGF-2, Melatonin, Flaxseed


    0930 Wake Up, 2 IGF-2, 2 Drive, 2 RPM, 1 Reset A.D.

    1000 2 DCP

    1020 2 Super Cissus Rx

    1030 Break Fast 3 Eggs over easy, 2 Slices of Whole wheat toast Lipton Grean Tea or Orange Juice

    Post Breakfast Supplemetation, Multivitamin, Antioxidant, Livercare, Ester C, Calcium, Glucosamine/Chondritin/MSM, Chromium Picolinate,

    1110 – 1515 Class

    1350 Lunch 6in Subway sub veggies, chicken/roast beef, mustard/chipotle sauce

    Post Lunch Supplementation Fish Oil, Flaxseed oil

    1515 2 RPM, 2 Drive, 2 IGF-2, 1 Reset A.D.

    1545 Snack Bowl Ceral or Protein Shake

    1700 2 DCP

    1720 2 Super Cissus Rx

    1730 Dinner
    Post Dinner Supplementation Fish oil, Antioxidants, Livercare,

    930 Pre Workout Supplementation Citrulline Malate, 2 IGF-2

    2000 MMA
    During Workout Supplementation, Citrulline Malate, BCAA’s, Glutamine

    2130 Whole Wheat Bagel/English Muffin

    2145 Lift Weights

    2300 Post Work out Supplementation 2 Scoops 100% Whey Whole Wheat Bagel/English Muffin if hungry

    Pre-Bed Supplementation, 2 IGF-2, Melatonin, Flaxseed

    Saturday and Sunday are very spontaneous in all departments so will have to adjust diet, supplements and work outs accordingly

    The main thing is my Ruck Marches on Sunday that are going to take a lot out of me for the rest of the day so it will be hard to lift Sunday nights

    If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, please post a reply especially in reference to my dosing and diet, please give me suggestions because I sort of based the dsing schedule off f what I have read about on here others doing and according to my lifestyle.

  2. try and eat more meals especially a pre bed slow digesting protein. having 2 scoops whey as your last meal is not good. also make sure you get enough rest

  3. thanks for the input, yea rest is nice, but not always available , but what would be a good meal before bed?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by gettobird22 View Post
    thanks for the input, yea rest is nice, but not always available , but what would be a good meal before bed?
    Cottage cheese if you like it?
    Or otherwise some grilled chicken, or a casein shake.

    I think you could probably choose some better sources of carbs.. e.g. oatmeal, brown rice, etc. Sounds like you're eating a lot of bread. Some sources of healthy (food) fat might be helpful too. Not sure if you need all those supps...the chromium for one should probably go next time around.. but since you've got them already, I wish you the best

  5. well have been sick for the past week and a half, so didnt start feeling better until wedsneday, there fore decided to start my cycle yesterday. decided to scrub DCP this time around, but run Neovar and everything else the full 60 days, here goes:

    Day 1

    945 2 IGF-2, 3 Drive, 2 RPM, 1 Reset A.D.

    1020 4 Neovar, 1 SuperCissus RX

    1035 3 eggs, 3 slices whole wheat toast, 16 oz orange juice

    1100 Multi, fishoil, antioxidants etc...

    1305 2 IGF-2

    1335 1 SuperCissus Rx

    1350 6 in sub Roast beef and cheese on wheat
    wasnt feelin that hungry, dont know why, only ate half

    1515 2 RPM, 3 Drive 1 Reset A. D.

    1615 mini whole wheat bagel and fat free cream cheese

    1645 1 SuperCissus Rx

    1705 8 oz of chicken, 1 cup of green beans, 2 whole wheat rolls, 16oz apple juice

    1730 Fishoil, antioxidants

    1930 2 IGF-2

    Pre-Workout/During Supplementation
    25g WMS, 20g gatorade, 5g citrulline malate, 5g BCAA's, 5g Glutamine

    2030 Workout
    Chest Day
    Ab Work

    Flat Bench Superset with Flat DB Bench

    10x135 Warm up

    Incline Bench Superset with Incline DB Bench

    Decline Bench

    Standing straight arm fly's (dont know proper terminology here)
    8x30(per arm)
    8x40 " "

    Bent over cable cross overs
    8x30 " "
    8x30 " "

    Upward lifting cable crossovers(dont know proper name)
    8x30 " "
    8x30 " "

    Thoughts: Still kinda fatigued and recovering from being sickness, and havent worked out in a week and a half so was definately feeling week, didnt do the complete work out

    As far as supplements go, definately felt the drive and RPM kick in, all i have to say wow, mood was great, focus was there, energy was there all day long, was kinda tired in my workout due to gap between workout and RPM/Drive does, so will have to play with the timing on that. As far as IGF-2 and neovar, havent felt it yet, but will prolly take a few days to kick in

    thanks to all who decide to tune in ahead of time, and once again any thoughts, comments, questions, are all welcome



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