Chuprachabra's Toco-8 (unsponsored Log)

  1. Chuprachabra's Toco-8 (unsponsored Log)

    I need my hair back I have had some success with Minoxidil 5% spray. But now will adding toco-8 by Primordal Performace.

    I will take Toco-8 6am and 6pm respectively.

    What is Toco-8?

    Toco-8 is a tocotrienol complex extracted from Palm Fruits (elaies guineensis). It is an almost tasteless powder* which easily disperses in water, and can be included in your favorite sports drink or protein shake. At the average dose, Toco-8 will last 60 days. *Includes dosing scoop.

    The tocotrienols found in Toco-8 are super powerful anti-oxidants which have been proven to have powerful health benefits for the cardiovascular system. (2-8) Tocotrienols also play an important role in the synthesis of LH & FSH, which stimulate Testosterone production from the testes, while also increasing the testes Testosterone production capacity from LH & FSH stimulation. (9-11) Recently, this unique tocotrienol complex has been granted a US patent to prevent hair loss and promote hair regrowth in individuals suffering from alopecia. In the study, all individuals supplemented with the tocotrienol complex showed a positive result, with an average 42% increase in hair count after 5 months of treatment. (1) This is a much welcomed alternative to the popular hair loss drug Finasteride, a drug which reduces DHT and contributes to a host of side effects such as libido loss, gynecomastia, and depression. (12)

    Technically speaking, Toco-8 is a natural Vitamin E supplement, but to call it a “natural Vitamin E supplement” puts it on the same shelf as every other generic Vitamin E product on the market. The fact is, the natural Vitamin E found in your local supplement shop or grocery store is not natural at all. Rather, almost all Vitamin E products on the market are actually synthetic Vitamin E; a potentially dangerous and cheap byproduct of soybean oil, known as alpha-tocopherol (Go ahead, take a look on your vitamin label).

    What makes Toco-8 different than every other Vitamin E?

    First, it’s important to understand that Vitamin E is actually a term used to describe a family of nutrients. Most people think that there is only one Vitamin E, when in fact there are 8 different members that make up the Vitamin E family. There are the tocopherols which consist of alpha-tocopherol, beta-tocopherol, gamma-tocopherol and delta-tocopherol. Then, there are the tocotrienols which consist of alpha-tocotrienol, beta-tocotrienol, gamma-tocotrienol and delta-tocotrienol. All of them have important functions in the body and each a unique action. Unfortunately, the only form that’s been readily available is the alpha-tocopherol.

    The popularity of alpha-tocopherol stems from the fact that it is an incredibly abundant and cheap form of Vitamin E. In the early 1900’s, during the popular time of vitamin discovery, alpha-tocopherol appeared to be the only Vitamin E utilized in the body, because it happened to be the only vitamin E easily detected in blood. (Tocotrienols tend to accumulate and protect the liver, brain, and subcutaneous tissues, while being very hard to detect in blood.) It wasn’t until recently that the other forms of Vitamin E, such as the tocotrienols, began to be uncovered as very important nutrients for human health.

    The irony is that most Vitamin E products claim to be “natural” because the Vitamin E is naturally extracted from soybean oil, but then synthetically altered to create pure alpha-tocopherol. So, we miss out on all the other forms, and end up supplementing with only one of the eight Vitamin E’s. This creates a major imbalance. For instance, the National Academy of Sciences recently announced that supplementing with alpha-tocopherol alone depletes the body of the other members of the Vitamin E family. This is a problem because it is the “other” Vitamin E’s that show the most impressive benefits for improving cardiovascular health and hair regrowth. Even more alarming, is that tocotrienols are already extremely low in Western diets, while being simultaneously depleted by the dominating alpha-tocopherol supplementation! Tocotrienols should be first on your list of supplements!

    So what’s so special about these Tocotrienols and what are the benefits?

    Tocotrienols are short & slippery. That’s right. Due to a different stereochemical shape, and shorter “tail” in their phytyl chain, Tocotrienols have increased cellular mobility. Imagine natural tocotrienols as the “short & slippery” forms of Vitamin E that can pass through cytosol and cell membranes to impart their positive effects, rather than becoming clustered like a synthetic form of alpha-tocopherol. (13)

    You’ve probably heard people tell you to “get your vitamins from natural sources”. Now you can, with Toco-8. That’s because Toco-8 is an all natural extraction which preserves the perfect natural ratio of all 8 tocotrienols and tocopherols with a high ratio of tocotrienol content. To say that Toco-8 is superior to other vitamin E supplements would be an understatement. Toco-8 is a revolution for vitamin supplementation and male health. Consider the following benefits unique to the tocotrienols found in Toco-8 –

    Patented & clinically proven to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth by an average of 42% (1)

    Proven to help reduce cholesterol while improving the HDL : LDL ratio (2-5)

    Maintains healthy artery function by reducing atherosclerotic plaque (6-8)

    Helps support Testosterone production by maintaining proper Pituitary and Testicular function (9-11)

    Why buy this Tocotrienol complex from Primordial Performance?

    Our tocotrienol powder is shipped directly from the GMP certified manufacturer in Malaysia. We package the sensitive tocotrienol powder in our own in-house facility, where we keep the tocotrienol complex refrigerated at all times. This means that you are getting the freshest and most biologically active tocotrienol complex on the market.

    Note: Toco-8 has a shelf-life of 6 months at room temperature and one year if stored in the refrigerator. If not immediately using Toco-8 we recommend refrigerating the product for maximum freshness.

    References -

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  2. SuBBeD!

    Good Luck!

  3. ya watching this. hair is thick but if family history can predict anything i may be in for some thinning down the road. lets hope it works. good luck!!!!

  4. subbed -- I'm interested in the lipid and HPTA benefits of this stuff.

  5. Just found this log in a google search. Nice.


  6. Any updates?

  7. BUMP! Any updates??

  8. has anyone else tried this **** out.

  9. Will be running toco-8 soon as an adjunct to non-aromatizing replacement therapy. I must say, I thoroughly researched vitamin E and its several forms, and evrything in their product description of toco-8 is accurate and to the fluff.One more thing that that they don't even mention is that in clinical medical studies, both in vitro and in vivo, gamma-tocotrienol specifically, demonstrated the most inhibitory effects on cholesterol synthesis in the liver, an almost 30-fold to that of the other 3 tocotrienols. Well, if you look on your toco-8 label, gamma-tocotrienol is the most abundant toco in the product...props to PM definitely on this....great job, can't wait to try and log.


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