Scoop Goes Driving with X Factor and RPM

  1. Scoop Goes Driving with X Factor and RPM

    Get Ready as Scoop Goes Driving with X Factor and RPM

    X Factor

    Faster And More Profound Increases In Muscle Size And Strength!
    Clinically tested at Baylor University for safety and effectiveness, Molecular Nutrition's Anabolic X-Factor? is the world's first patented hypertrophic catalyst. By enhancing the storage of arachidonic acid in exercised muscles, X-Factor drastically amplifies the body's sensitivity and responsiveness to resistance training. This means faster and more profound increases in muscle size, strength, even the rate of lipolysis (fat loss). Clinical trials at the Exercise & Sport Nutrition Lab at Baylor University have demonstrated remarkable increases in muscle strength (44% > placebo), peak muscle power (600% > placebo), average power (223% > placebo), and anaerobic endurance (250% > placebo) with 50 days of X-Factor supplementation. Having passed the ultimate test of clinical investigation and peer-review, X-Factor joins the elite ranks of a select few clinically proven ergogenic agents.

    Typical Gains:

    Increased lean muscle mass gains
    Increased body fat loss
    Increase in muscle strength and endurance
    Intense and long lasting muscle pumps

    Drive by Applied Nutriceuticals is simply the most versatile performance-enhancing sports supplement available. Whether it's packing an inch of girth on your arms or shaving a second off your best time, Drive provides the goods to help you get there. The synergistic compilation of constituents contained in this unique compound creates a very favorable anabolic environment through a variety of different mechanisms:

    Combines cGMP and cAMP synergism
    Support thyroid activity
    Aromatase inhibiting effects
    SHBG inhibition
    Increased luteinizing hormone activity
    Supports testosterone

    Drive Benefits:

    Increase muscle strength & speed
    Increase endurance
    Promote lean muscle growth
    Support recovery time
    Support sexual health
    Improve mood

    Applied Nutriceuticals has the answer to putting you back in the drivers seat and racing towards your goal at speeds you never thought possible! That product is RPM from Applied Nutriceuticals. What is RPM? Rpm is an exclusive formula that provides explosive energy, crisp uncanny mental focus, noticeable strength increases, all while giving you insane pumps, suppressed estrogen, increased testosterone, while incinerating fat!!!! RPM is instant gratification from the very first dose! RPM is in its own race class!

    What's In It?

    RPM's formula is so unique it requires it's own class. RPM, the supplement world?s first Anabolic-Cognitive Energy System Enhancer (A-CESE), where anabolics meet cognitive psy-stimulants! How do A-CESEs differ from other product categories on the market? An A-CESE is a product that contains testosterone-like, anti-catabolic, and aromatase-inhibiting properties, while at the same time delivering optimal mind/muscle connection/contraction through unique peripheral vasostimulatory perfusion and increased cognitive psycho-motor control. RPM combines P-SARM Synthase AI- a unique blend of research-grade icariin, Arginine , Naringenin, and oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC?s), and Methyl-AMP Complex, a powerful blend of methyl-xanthine caffeine and chocamine.

    As mentioned before, Icariin has potent anti-catabolic effects, along with testosterone-mimicking and muscle-contraction-enhancing benefits - several studies have shown that it actually competes with glucocorticoids for receptor sites in a manner similar to testosterone. This alone will cause an anabolic effect by positively skewing the T:C ratio, which is a trigger for greater protein synthesis, increased aggression towards the iron, and insane muscle contractions!!

    RPM also reduces aromatase and estradiol, allowing for the greater production of T as a substrate for aromatase activity- as users of RPM report huge rises in strength, physique hardness, and positive aggression while using this compound, an effect that can be at least partially attributed to the androgen-mimicking qualities of Icariin. RPM also has a dopaminergic effect, allowing for increased dopamine levels and decreased prolactin levels, both of which are triggers for increased testosterone. Also, icariin can enhance muscle contraction by decreasing the effects of acetylcholinesterase (AChE). Acetylcholine (Ach) is a neurotransmitter necessary for muscle contraction, and AChE is responsible for disabling ACh at the neuromuscular junction. Icarin actually blocks this disabling action, allowing for ACh to stay at the synapse, and better exert its effects, for a longer period of time- allowing for harder and stronger muscle contractions!!!

    Icariin is a selective inhibitor of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP)- specific phosphodiasterase type 5 (PDE5 for the purposes of this article). This is important, because PDE5 hydrolyze cGMP into an inactive molecule. cGMP is important because nitric oxide (NO) requires cGMP to moderate vascular control and vasodilation. So, essentially, no cGMP, no vasodilation (the ?PUMP?), because NO requires cGMP to work. The more cGMP, the more NO-induced vasodilation- therefore greater pumps!! Icariin stops PDE5 from disabling cGMP and allowing cGMP to extend its activity, which exerting the effects of NO in skeletal muscle, allowing for a stronger muscle contraction and pump.

    The inclusion of oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) are also essential in the creation of any good A-CESE, because OPCs contain their own combination of unique and effective constituents, which allows P-SARM Synthase AI to exert potent anti-aromatase (AI), anti-oxidant, and vasodilatory effects. OPCs have been shown in numerous studies to have the ability to block the conversion of androgens to estrogens, with a potency comparable to several widely marketed pharmaceutical AI inhibitors (Arimidex). RPM reduces aromatase activity and estradiol as well, allowing for more testosterone (T) to be produced!!

    Compounds exhibiting AI characteristics also reduce SHBG (steroid hormone binding globulin) as well. This is important, because this allows for a drastic increase in free testosterone (T). When this occurs, coupled with T levels that are already high from decreased aromatization of estrogen, WATCH OUT!!!! Look for longer, harder more intense workouts, rapid strength increases with personal records on all your lifts, greater protein synthesis, quicker recovery, while also allowing for increased lipolysis (fat burning)!! This, coupled with the androgen-mimicking qualities of the P-SARM Icariin, gives the product a unique ?hardness? enhancing quality, giving the user of the product an ?eye? popping type of physique that looks to be cut from stone!!!

    OPCs also protect against free radicals and subsequent DNA and oxidative damage, qualities that are extremely important to the hard-training athlete. Oxidative damage is a common occurrence during stress and hard training, and it can stop lean body mass gains in their tracks!! Less oxidative damage, better recovery, giving you the ability to train longer and harder!!! The nitric oxide-enhancing, vasodilatory properties of OPCs have also been documented in countless studies. The flavonoids contained in OPCs actually increase levels of Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS), the enzyme that allows for the conversion of arginine to nitric oxide. This is very important, as nitric oxide synthase competes with arginase for the utilization of the amino acid L-arginine. Arginase converts L-arginine into ornthine, and increased arginase and ornthine activity, are counteractive to the nitric oxide production pathway. By increasing NOS, the flavonoids in OPCs ?crowd out? arginase, allowing for more arginine to be processed into NO. The result is higher NO levels, even greater vasodilation, and gigantic pumps and a physique hard as nails!!


    Naringin, and its novel component Naringenin, also exert extensive effects within the P-SARM Synthase AI complex. Naringin (and Naringenin) exhibit remarkable aromatase and estrogen-inhibiting properties by decreasing the cytochrome P450arom isoform, an enzyme that also allows for the oxidative metabolism for chemical modification and degradation of oral medications. This can have very positive effects on the T:E ratio, and the combination of OPCs and Naringenin can be potentially additive or synergistic in eliminating estrogen, and allowing for more circulating free testosterone and all of its benefits!!! Naringin and Naringenin have also been shown to have profound effects on the metabolism of caffeine and PDE5 inhibitors such as Icariin, allowing for these compounds to be much more effective on a per dose basis- by up to 35%!!!


    L-Arginine is also an essential component of the P-SARM Synthase AI matrix. L-Arginine is an amino acid that is necessary for cell division, the release of hormones, and immune function. Most importantly, L-arginine is necessary for the production of Nitric Oxide (NO, as mentioned above), a messenger gas responsible for the promotion of blood vessel relaxation (?pump?), and the regulation of vascular tone. NO is derived from arginine and oxygen via Nitric Oxide synthase (NOS), and, as mentioned above, NO exerts its effects on tissue through cGMP. The inclusion of Arginine in the P-SARM Synthase AI complex allows for a steady, continuous supply of L-arginine for conversion to NO, allowing for a more effective product. Numerous research studies suggest there are positive effects from L-Arginine and NO on increasing lean body mass, and possibly even mediating greater growth hormone response!!

    As you can see, the P-SARM Synthase AI decoction offers an extremely potent blend of testosterone-optimizing, estrogen eliminating, and NO-enhancing effects. The ?other? synergistic component blend of RPM, Methyl-AMP Complex, makes this A-CESE unmatched as a mind/muscle connector/contractor through unique peripheral vasostimulatory perfusion and increased cognitive psycho-motor control!!


    Methyl-Xanthine Anhydrous Caffeine (MXAC), the first component of the Methyl-AMP Complex, is a metabolic stimulant that heightens mental alertness and focus and improves muscle contraction and coordination. MXAC exerts very strong effects on vasodilation- a process that begins with the activation of Norepinephrine (NE) by MXAC, and the deactivation of cAMP-PDE, an enzyme that breaks down cAMP When MXAC acts on a cell, cAMP-PDE can no longer turn cAMP into AMP, so the action of cAMP is prolonged within the cell. Sound like boring biochemistry? Let?s take a look at the overall effect on the body- when cAMP levels are increased due to cAMP-PDE inactivation, the blood vessels in skeletal muscle tend to relax- the result? More rapid blood flow into the muscle, resulting in bulging vascularity and massive pumps!! MXAC also contains significant amounts of theobromine, a vasodilator that ups the amount of nutrients and oxygen into the brain and skeletal muscle. This greater blood flow to the brain contributes to the cognitive enhancement capabilities of MXAC, by blocking adenosine uptake without activating adenosine receptors- resulting in an increase in dopamine and serotonin levels, causing a positive influence on mood, allowing the user to maintain an optimal training environment.

  2. About Me:

    Name: Scoop
    Age: 34
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 195 lbs

    Supplements I Will Be Taking:

    Creatine Mono
    Purple Wrath/Xtend
    Beta Alanine (Bulk)
    On Whey
    ON Casein
    Amphetalean (Sparingly at times)

    X-FACTOR Dosage:
    On Training days: Take 1 softgel 3-4 times daily
    On Non-training days: Take 1 softgel 3-4 times daily

    RPM Dosages:
    On Training days: Take on empty stomach, 1 hour pre-workout.
    (Due to my weight I will be taking 4 capsules)
    On Non-training days: Might be used for cardio activitioes

    Drive Dosages:
    On Training days: Take on an empty stomach first in the morning, then 1 hour pre-workout or mid-afternoon.
    On Non-training days: Same as above

    Goals for this Stack:

    I lost 33 lbs from September and am really looking to lean out a bit more throughout this stack. I am also looking to gain a bit of lean gains and overall muscle size increase. I expect that my endurance and overall energy will increase as well.

    This is my first experience with X Factor and extended experience with Drive adn RPM so really am not sure how my body will respond, although I am really excited as I am sure I will see some great results.

    Training: (4 Day Split)
    Abs throughout
    Mix in Cardio

    *I lift 4-5 excersises per bodypart and lift 8-12 reps per set. I started to switched to the higher reps and have gotten better results since I switched up to this program as compared to the 6-10 traditional program. I will do some drop sets as well. I really believe in squeezing the muscle and feeling the contraction so at times my training will be instinctictual (sp?).

    *I have some problems with leg training due to two torn ACL's and a total of 6 knee surgeries and very bad arthritis in my knees. I do the best I can but am very limited with my leg training*

    I do pretty good at eating clean and believe in high protein intake as it has helped me in dropping the 33 lbs. Making sure I get a high protein intake will be one of my main focuses throughout my diet. I will get my protein through protein shakes, tuna, chicken, etc.

    I will supplement with Aminos (Xtend) throughout this log as well. I am going to see how a higher intake of aminos aid my workouts and overall recovery.

    As far as carbs, I will try to keep their intake rather low. I feel my body operates best while having a low carb intake. I don't tend to get lethargic, which I am lucky.

    I will do my best to keep track of my overall food intake, it is rather difficult when you are always on the run. It is easier to keep track of protein intake, but more difficult to keep track of carb and fat intake.

    I just want to let everyone know I will do my best to create the best log possible!! I am very thankful that I got I selected for this log as I recognize this is a great opportunity!! I will get pictures up as soon as possible, they will certainly be horrible as I have lost so much muscle over the last 11 days that my baby boy, Trey Kelly, has been in the intensive care unit. I know it will be crazy with having a newborn, but those that know me, know I will certainly give you guys all my best. I have also eaten like crap, which has further put me back. So, I am going to get refocused and do my best throughout this log.

    I am really looking for all the feedback I can get as from you guys. Many of you guys have run X factor before so if you guys have any suggestions, please share them. Same thing goes for you guys that have used Drive and RPM.

    Thank you once again to MN, AN, Getbustered, Cal and anyothers behind the scenes that were instrumental in selecting me to run this log, I am very grateful.

  3. Scoop gets Jizzacked off XF and App. Nut

  4. A solid 50 day stack. Popular too. I'm planning on a similar one in a few weeks. I'll be checking back in. Good luck.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by cal62887 View Post
    Scoop gets Jizzacked off XF and App. Nut

    Hell Yeah!! Thanks for the opportunity!! Will certainly do my best!!

    Looking to get lean and mean!!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Dancebot 2000 View Post
    A solid 50 day stack. Popular too. I'm planning on a similar one in a few weeks. I'll be checking back in. Good luck.
    Thanks and glad to have you on board!! I have never tried these supplements so really curious to see how my body responds to them.

  7. Lifted Chest last night. Since I have had the two shoulder surgeries, it impacts lifting chest, which is a pain in the ass. So, I have to lift light and get in more reps. Still was a nice workout. I definitely lost a lot of strength over the last 12 days with all the mess with Trey being in the hospital. For those on AM, my baby boy was born 14 days ago and was in ICU so we just brought him home.

    Since I am just starting back or so it seems, I am going to really start back real light untill I get going with X Factor+Drive+RPM. I don't want to pull or hurt anything before I start this kick ass stack!!

    I know my weights are nothing like many of you guys, but gotta start back somewhere. Just don't want to tweak my shoulder or pecs. I would rather lift more reps, get a great pump and really squeeze and feel the muscle contraction.

    Flat Dumbell: 50x14, 55x12, 60x10
    Incline Dumbell: 45x14, 50x12, 55x10
    Flyes: 25x15, 30x12, 35x8
    Decline: 40x15, 45x12, 50x10
    Pushups: 3x15

  8. I'm going to suggest starting lower dose on the drive and ramping up over the first 4-5 days to full dosage. this is mostly to avoid stomach issues from the forskolin.

    Also, there is a benefit to taking RPM on off days as well, but a lower dose is ok if you aren't using it for cardio purposes. If you haven't used rpm before, you may want to try 3 first too, instead of 4 the first time.

    This is a killer stack for recomping, i'm going to be running it myself with some modifications

  9. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    I'm going to suggest starting lower dose on the drive and ramping up over the first 4-5 days to full dosage. this is mostly to avoid stomach issues from the forskolin.

    Also, there is a benefit to taking RPM on off days as well, but a lower dose is ok if you aren't using it for cardio purposes. If you haven't used rpm before, you may want to try 3 first too, instead of 4 the first time.

    This is a killer stack for recomping, i'm going to be running it myself with some modifications

    Thanks Easy!! I was wondering, do you know if we are getting 1 or 2 RPM's? I was just wondering, as it would seem we would need two for dosing on off days.

  10. Looks good 24! Subbed!

  11. I'm not sure, I can check. each bottle is 110 caps, so 2 bottles would be better, would give you 4 a day.

  12. Im running the same stack, good luck man. I also hope we get two bottles of RPM!
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  13. Quote Originally Posted by pmiller383 View Post
    Im running the same stack, good luck man. I also hope we get two bottles of RPM!
    Last I heard it was 1 bottle of both RPM/Drive and 2 bottles X Factor.

    I could be wrong.. but that's the word on the street

  14. Quote Originally Posted by cal62887 View Post
    Last I heard it was 1 bottle of both RPM/Drive and 2 bottles X Factor.

    I could be wrong.. but that's the word on the street
    I may buy bottle of RPM then as I want to get maximum benefit from stack. LEAN and MEAN is the word of the stack!!

  15. Didn't have a chance to work out tonight as we had a hoops game. Team didn't play the best but we beat Joppatowne, who we lost to first time around. Was good to get "revenge" for our lost first time around. Our goal this week was to go 2-0, so we are half way there. Next game is on Friday against Perryville, who we defeated by 25 first time. Our big week is next week against two big rival schools.

    Looking forward to following all the other X Factor logs, should be real interesting to see how the others fare on X Factor. Will be real good for comparative purposes and to share notes as well. Will be interesting to see how others do there logs as well, I am sure some will be more specific and more detailed and focus on different things.
  16. Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by pmiller383 View Post
    Im running the same stack, good luck man. I also hope we get two bottles of RPM!
    Good to have you on board!! Will sub into yours as well, good luck!!

  17. I want to thank AN for sending the Drive and RPM!! I received my Drive and RPM the other day in the mail. Just waiting on the X Factor now.

    Gonna dose the Drive and RPM as such:

    Drive: 2 first thing in the AM
    2 1 hour before workout

    RPM: 4 on empty stomach, 1 hour before workout
    2-3 on off days

    I am going to try to get pictures up in next couple days. I have to warn you that I have lost a ton since Trey was in ICU and has been home.

    On another note, I went to knee doctor and from MRI looks like some of the cartilage that I have left in knee (2 ACL surgeries, 4 other surgeries on it) has come loose from last surgery. It is sticking and catching more than in past. I am going to just have to stay off of it and do some rehab on it, especially with lax season starting. I had generally lifted minimally due to lack of cartilage but will be spending time with rehab as goal is to avoid another knee surgery. It won't impact upper body at all.


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