keater824 cytolean cycle

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  1. keater824 cytolean cycle

    i got the okay from my doctor to take cytolean so im pretty pump
    stats: 6'1 218lbs 18%BF
    Goal: 6'1 195lbs 11%BF cut 20lbs
    my diet: is mostly tuna, chicken breast, salmon patties, freakfix protein shake after workout only, veggies and get all my carbs from fruit
    Rountie: is pretty much cardio another than pushups, situps, dips, pullups, im doing an boxing rountie

    i just took my first pill and going to hit the gym...

  2. did cardio took it easy today, burn 800cals in 70 mins, more focus than usually during cardio b/c i hate it, heart rate increase a little more than usually during cardio, I only took one pill but i am very hungry, maybe after a couple days the appetite will decrease

  3. took one pill at 6 am and then two pills at 1:30pm, my appetite has decrease in half! im a moose i need to eat a huge meals every 2 hours but now i don't get that hunger feeling a lot, i eat b/c i have to survive, my 4 servings of tuna wrap didn't fill me but was enough, did cardio today burn 825 cals in hour, i am not going to mma tonight bc of my knee, heart rate seems more profound when on one pill rather than two idk why though, but the weird thing is that i am sweating less than normal, i usually have huge pits stains at like 10:00 am but its alot less

    weighted in after cardio: 213
    i enjoy this product and i dont have that jittery feeling too

  4. i played team handball but didnt workout today, English teacher assigned an essay due tomorrow and then i had to go to work so i skip a workout session

    appetite is suppressed, sweating a little bit more, i feel more positive then normal and i look a little leaner

    i only been on for 3 days but i do enjoy this product cant wait to my results at the end of my six week cycle

  5. glad your enjoying it. this one is my fave thermo/fat/energy pill out there. I pimp it every chance i get.

  6. yeah its an amazing product only be using for 3 days but the fat loss is very noticeable also the appetite suppression is incredible

    team handball today again sweated like a beast, again the appetite suppression is incredible, i feel like i remembering info from school better too idk, great product thou

  7. hmmm this is one i haven't ever tried

  8. Interesting. I will be following along.

  9. this weekend i had family over and i ate like crap so i gotta get my diet back into shape, i just took two pills appitte is supressed and i have an basketball game at 4 so i post back at the 7

    gain 2 lbs but i feel bloated my waist trimmed down a little bit, people being asking if i lost weight

  10. basketball game we lost.... but energy was really up i was hustling up and down the court and wasnt tired, felt more relax untill missing about 8 shots, but overall i had some kickass energy on the court

  11. Looking forward to how this log goes, good luck.

  12. appittie is suppress, i couldnt make it to the gym because i have no ride, did pushups and situps and later i have krav magna so i post back after martial arts

    i noticed that my heart "chest area" feels heavy when i dont drink enough water but other than that side this product is great

  13. at km was endurance was up, i was also sweating like a beast,
    todays weight 216 im up 3 pounds but i am leaner my pecs are a little more defined and you can see a little bit of my abs

  14. cheated a bit today for lunch had 2 slices of plain pizza, i really got ta get my diet in check, baseball starts march 3 so i had captains pratices today, 10 min run with 20 sprints, leapfrog- idk, but appittie is suppress again, but i need to have selfcontrol during lunchtime

  15. Quote Originally Posted by keater824 View Post
    cheated a bit today for lunch had 2 slices of plain pizza, i really got ta get my diet in check, baseball starts march 3 so i had captains pratices today, 10 min run with 20 sprints, leapfrog- idk, but appittie is suppress again, but i need to have selfcontrol during lunchtime
    Just got to hold in there about the eating man, I'm an endo so I can't even touch bad food pretty much lol. Just imagine that kind food as nasty tasting stuff that makes you fat..

  16. ok idea thanks bro

  17. No problem man.

  18. appittie is suppress, had a tuna fish wrap with lettuce today for lunch, at 4 im going to the gym to run 4 miles then at 6 got mma, i post back around 7

    im trying a new dosing protcol
    its says take 2-3 pills in the morning then 1-2 pills 6-8 hours later but
    i am going to take 2 pills at 6 am
    2 pills for the 2nd dosage but at 4:30pm so it helps curve with my nighttime craving
    its an 10.5 hours difference but i think it help with weight loss

  19. appittie supressed, took 2 pills at 4 and my nightime craving are pretty much gone, ran 4 miles burn 650 cals, i feel better im not really sucking wind anymore, mma was good but it was only me and one other kid so it was more shirt graps etc, nothing too physical


  20. appittie is supress cant go to the gym because i have to work from 6 to 10 and have 2 tests to study for tomorrow

    ate a steakhouse whole wheat sub from quozinos a bad idea

  21. appittie is so supressed this product is amazing
    did cardio today for 90 mins ran 8.5 miles and burn 1350 cals, i really enjoy this product

    weight 211.5
    i lost a lot of water weight during cardio today bc after cardio i weighted myself and i was 3lbs lighter

  22. did mma today, appittie supressed, i found out that if you dont drink a lot of water you get headaches and a little dizzy but i enjoy this product

    my pecs are a lot trimmer yeah boy

    todays weight: 211 with 31 days left to get to 198

    i love this product

  23. first off: giants are amazing

    appetite was suppressed, ate chicken breast sub for lunch and for diner had lasanga a little bit of a cheat but had no time to make anything.. went to the gym ran 5 miles and burned 850cals then right after the gym went to mma where i sucked and was tired as ****

    i have noticed fat loss, around my abs and facial areas even if the scale says different between the 1.5 gallons of water daily

  24. ate a chicken salad at wendys today for lunch no dressing or anythig and i didnt eat the chicken because its problay not quality meat, appitttie was suppress all day intill now at 6:30 instead of take my second dose at 4pm i took it 1pm because i had baseball cardiotraining

    i feel leaner and lost a bit of fat in the face

  25. i love this product, haven't been to the gym in a couple days bc of appointments etc, but have been doing mma



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