CL Golden Finish Initial Review

  1. CL Golden Finish Initial Review


    Kills torrent and even edges out Nitronx in the taste dept, smells and tastes like banana laffy taffy, the more water the more the taste is comparable to laffy taffy. I will also add there is a very sweet aftertaste that lasts for hours after consumption, even after eating a few meals.


    It reminds me of Torrent, but with better carbs (more on that later), and digestive enzymes rather than a creatine blend, I myself would have liked to see creatine mono in the formula as well as another 10g of carbs/serving. I also feel the roughly 50mg k-r-ala is underdosed.

    Carb Source-7.5/10

    I'm taken back that the carb source is not revealed, but it mixes and to the eye GFH looks like yellow colored wheat grass. It keeps me full much longer than malto, dex, wms and other "quick carbs" I have used, and the texture is nothing like these other carbs.


    2$ a serving is a lot IMO, especially if you want to use a dose above the recommended 3 scoops (for larger BBers). The problem with saying its over priced though is I have no idea how much the raws cost (particularly the carb sources).


    From what I've noticed thus far this is quickly becoming my fav postWO formula. I'll add to this review after finishing my gfh tub.

  2. Bump for those on the fence about trying out GFH

  3. Nice review bro! Id like to try it but right now my diet doesnt allow carbs, when i go on a lean bulk again or a recomp ill definately be lookin at this!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

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