Levithan Reloaded/ Incarnate/ Size On

  1. Levithan Reloaded/ Incarnate/ Size On

    Hi everyone, just started a cutting stack today. I am running Levithan RL, Incarnate, and Size On to hopefully maintain muscle, gain stregnth, and burn fat. I am 17 years old, about 6'2'', 238, with 23-24% bodyfat. Here goes.

    Went to the gym today. Legs and nothing but. Worked pretty much nonstop for around an hour or a half, I really tore it up. I know incarnate is supposed to be great for stregnth gains, but it doesn't work after one dose, does it? I got a personal best of 300lbs on 5 deep squats today, felt like I could've kept going, and I was already about 6 sets in. Ended the workout a little unsteady on my feet. I decided to skip cardio cause I have done it the last two days and I could tell my legs were going to be plenty sore without it.

    As for what I ate today, it wasn't so great (but I did get some protein, and cut back on cals. some)

    10ish- 1 Protein Shake upon waking (made with water)

    1ish- Rice Garden (not so great, but could be worse, and no MSG added!) Noodles and Rice with Beef and Veggies, and bbq Chicken. 2 egg rolls. I cup coffee.

    4ish- Post workout protein shake, made with milk. 2 bannanas for natural insulin spike.

    6ish- 1 South Beach Diet protein bar

    730ish- a few small butterscotch bar cookies (I know, i know...)

    845ish- 2 bowls chili, with sour cream

    And I will probably have a chicken breast and a protein shake sometime before I go to bed.

    I took 8 SizeOn tabs this moring. Preworkout I took 1 LR tab on empty stomach and 3 incarnate tabs with food. About an hour after I finished working out I took another LR tab and 3 more incarnate tabs on an empty stomach.

    I also picked up some oatmeal (the instant fruit kind and some weight managament high protein kind), some healthy cereal, and a bunch of cans of tuna and chicken today.

    If anyone has advice on how much carbs/protein/fats/cals I should be eating I would appreciate it. I was also wondering about how often I should be doing cardio (I was thinking 4-5 times a week, 20 min. each, 1-2 HIIT, 1-2 fatburn, and 1-2 shadowboxing/jump roping). Any help would be great, and Ill keep you posted on results.

  2. Day 2:

    breakfast: 1 ON Gold Standard protein shake (with water), 1 packet quaker weight managament oatmeal, 1 banana

    10ish: 1 south beach diet protein bar

    1115ish: 16oz. milk, 1 chicken breast

    240ish: 1 south beach diet protein bar

    300: A little left over teriaki chicken with fried rice, 1 banana

    645ish: Postworkout, 1 ON Gold Standard protein shake (with milk)

    Im about to eat again, probably some chicken and broccoli, and then i will probably have some tuna and another shake sometime before I go to sleep.
    Let me know what you think.

    Workout today:
    Hit chest pretty hard. Got a personal best of 225 for 4 reps on flat bench. Seemed to have a lot of energy and burned up about an hour and a half before I knew it. Tried a little cardio when I got home but didn't feel like doing anything that wasn't an exercise bike (which I don't have). Had my shake inbetween my lifting and attempted cardio, it has over 5 grams of BCAA's so I think thats a good thing to do. Also, I noticed that the lower back pain that I get sometimes from doing a lot of heavy squats like I did yesterday is nonexsistent. Im thinking that it might be the incarnate, but I don't know if it works that fast. Weighed in at about 233 today, and made sure to time all of my supps. well (except for missing my first dose of incarnate).
    Ill keep posting because I like to have to write down everything I eat. If anyone sees something they think is a problem in my eating or workout habits, I would appreciate it if you let me know. Also, im about to eat some veggies, but i've heard some people say that its better to get all your carbs before 5. Does this count for everything, fruits, veggies, startches, etc?

  3. Day 3:

    Breakfast: 1 packet oatmeal (made with milk), 1 ON Gold Standard Protein shake (with water), 1 banana, 1 glass of milk

    1030ish: 1 southbeach diet protein bar

    1130ish: Lunch time, had to buy a school lunch today (yuck)
    1 breaded chicken sandwich on a wheat bun, some french fries with ketchup, 1 PB&J sandwich, 16oz. milk

    3ish: 1 apple

    6ish: 1 slim sub from Jimmy Johns, only white bread, ham and cheese

    9ish: 1 preworkout ON Gold Standard protein shake (with water)

    1015ish: 1 power shake (vanilla protein powder, frozen yougurt, 8oz. milk, 1 spoonful of peanutbutter, 1 banana, some ice cubes) Probably not the best thing to have later at night but I needed some cals and protein and saw this in Maximum Fitness and had to try it. It was delicious.

    My protein intake was probably a little too low today, I was going to have some tuna with the last shake but I don't want to get too many cals.

    Still using the supplements, worked out back a little bit today. Didn't get time to make it to the gym but I have a bench with a barbell and 300lbs of weights and my dad has a simple weight machine. My weight training was alright. After that I switched off between jump rope, shadow boxing, bag training, and weighted punches. This seemed to be a very good cardio exercise, and I enjoy it a lot more than anything else.
    I didn't get a chance to weigh in today, and I won't be at the gym tommorrow (and I don't trust my scale at home), so hopefully ill be down a pound or two when I go in on Thursday. Until then, if anyone has any advice on anything they see in my diet or training or in general, it would be much appreciated.

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